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MFLL Monthly Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter



Dr. Matthew Brauer (French) contributed the introduction and English translation to the bilingual poetry collection Dialogue en aphorismes / Dialogue in Aphorisms by Maria Zaki and Jacques Hermann (Paris: Harmattan, 2020).
In this the latest instalment of their numerous works of “interwoven poems”, the two poets exchange poetic, mystical, and sometimes witty aphorisms that test language’s capacity to express the human body and spirit, nature, and the divine. This is complemented by the French–Moroccan Zaki and Belgian Hermann’s commitment to multilingual poetry, two of their previous works having appeared in bilingual French/Arabic and French/Italian editions.
Dr. Matthew Brauer
Dr. Flavia Brizio-Skov Dr. Flavia Brizio–Skov (Italian) published a new article entitled “Musica, amore e pallottole in Ammore e Malavita dei fratelli Manetti” in Italica (vol. 97, n. 2. pp. 283-305) in January 2021.
In Fall 2020, Dr. Brizio–Skov gave a public talk for Italian students and the public at large entitled “The Italian Western Genre: Spaghetti Western” via Zoom.
In Spring 2021, she recorded via Zoom-Canvas a lecture entitled “Economic Boom and Political Rebellion: Italy in the 60s” for the second–year Italian students.
Dr. Brizio-Skov continues to be a referee reader and active member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Italian Cinema Studies, the Journal of Studies in European Cinema, and now Italica.
She also just finished working on the proofs of her manuscript, soon to be published by McFarland.
Dr. Annachiara Mariani (Italian) published an article, entitled “An Analytical Approach to the Italian Renaissance through Popular TV: The Case of Medici,” in Revista Linhas, the Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil, Vol. 21. 47, 2020: 194-222. Dr. Annachiara Mariani


Dr. Thorsten Huth In December 2020, Dr. Thorsten Huth (German/Linguistics) received the UTK Department of English’s 2019–2020 Hodges Excellence in Teaching Award for Assistant Professors. Congratulations, Dr. Huth!


CCC first meeting of this semester — The Chinese Culture Club had its first meeting on Wednesday Jan 27th at 6p.m EST. They started with icebreakers and talked about what to expect for the rest of the semester.

UTK Chinese Culture Club Design Contest


The Italian Club invites you to participate in our 3 events for Spring 2021:

January 2021: Scaldiamo un amico — The Italian Club is launching Scaldiamo un Amico! (Let’s Keep a Friend Warm) in January 2021. We invite you to create a Ziplock bag to donate to KARM: bandana, bottle of water, mask, hand sanitizer, socks, snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, chocolate, tissues. Add a message of friendship and embellish how you prefer. Take a picture of you and/or your bag and send to the Italian Club at the following address: You will be able to create your bag and kind messages at the following locations and dates:

  • Feb 3 from 6:00-7:00pm with Natalie in room 235K Hodges Library
  • Feb 4 from 4:30-5:30pm with Ben in room 235J Hodges Library
Scaldiamo un Amico

February 2021: Carnevale di Zoomezia — Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021, 7:00pm: Il Carnevale di Zoomezia. The club will provide a Carnival packet that gives you the opportunity to make your own mask from home and decorate as you please. You are invited to be creative and share your artistic work through a virtual meeting via Zoom:

  • Learn about the origins of Carnevale
  • Learn how Italians like to celebrate
  • Enjoy a performance by Italian pianist, composer, and arranger Margherita Fava
  • Showcase your mask
Carnevale di Zoomezia

March 2021: Ecofoto contest — Concorso di Eco-Fotografia: Being Eco-Friendly with Flowers and Gardens. In theme with environment and protection of the planet, the Club invites everyone to take a picture of their favorite garden, flowers, or plants, and submit for a photographic competition. Rules TBD.

Ecofoto contest
Ecofoto contest


CLIP, The Portuguese Language Club, is meeting on the first Monday of the month, at 6:00 p.m. This semester, CLIP will meet via Zoom. You are invited to meet Guilherme Zuccolloto, the newly elected president of the club, and interact with the other members of CLIP on January 25, February 1, March 1, and April 5. They are planning several exciting events for the semester.

The Bate–Papo (The Portuguese Table) — You are all invited to chit chat with our Portuguese faculty and students, native speakers of Portuguese from the UT community, and invited guests directly from Brazil. This semester, we will meet via Zoom on the last Friday of the month, 6:00-7:00pm. on Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 26, Apr 23. Check out our poster here.

Methods Workshop - Annachiara Mariani Methods Workshop Explores GimkitThe MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop Series will begin the Spring Semester on February 11 at 1PM with a Zoom workshop by Annachiara Mariani (Italian) on using Gimkit to keep students engaged and excited about language learning. Gimkit is a classroom game-show platform and an interactive digital quiz-style game where students compete by answering questions on their electronic devices. However, instead of earning points, students earn virtual currency, which they can “invest” during the game to boost their score. Join us on February 11 at 1PM!

Materia Introducing Materia — Materia is an learning platform designed to make online learning rich and engaging. Supercharge your course with compelling experiences and game mechanics and easily customize your content. Your students can create their own study tools! Materia is accessed from within Canvas and is free; the first time you access it in Canvas, an account will be created for you automatically! You can browse and view demos of the available widgets by clicking here.


Materia: Engage Students with Interactive Course Widgets (Fri., Feb. 5, 10–11:30 AM, via Zoom) This workshop will present a live demo of Materia and show how to access and customize these interactive “widgets,” add them to your Canvas courses, track their usage, and report on student progress. After the demo, you can ask questions about how to use Materia to enhance your Canvas course site.
Click here to register
Adobe Spark: Easy Ways You Can Have Your Students Create Assignments (Thu., Feb. 18, 11:30AM – 12:30 PM, This workshop will focus on Spark, a free cloud-based application that empowers you to create creative social media. It’s very easy to use, and Adobe even provides stock photos and royalty-free music for the videos you create. Because the application is cloud-based, you can start a project on one computer and continue editing it on another computer or device.
Click here to register
Accessibility & UDL: Creating Accessible Course Documents (PC/Mac) (Mon., Feb. 22, 9:15—10:15 AM, This workshop will introduce you to the theory and practice of Universal Design for Learning, which provides a framework for designing courses, assessments, materials, methods, and learning environments that proactively account for variability in your students. UDL draws from decades of research in neuroscience, cognitive sciences, and education sciences to promote practical and conceptual frames for the design and delivery of courses. UDL advocates the provision of access not only to individuals with disabilities, but to everyone. During this workshop, you will be introduced to UDL theory and practice, then you will walk through a UDL design sequence from closely examining goals to developing well designed assessments to providing options for learning in methods and materials. By the end of the workshop, you will have had the chance to re-design one unit of one of your courses and will have the skills to expand these strategies to other units.
Click here to register
Online Training of the Month: Assessment: Writing Higher-Level Multiple-Choice Questions In this short training, you will learn how to write higher-level multiple-choice questions that can assess higher thinking skills. Best practices and the different "types" of multiple choice questions will be discussed.
Click here to view


Integrated Performance Assessments: Presentational mode — In the second podcast of the Integrated Performance Assessments series released by the NFLRC in 2020, Nicole Naditz interviews Lynn Fulton from the Delaware DOE on the subject of performance assessments in the presentational mode.
Click here to listen


audiolingua Audio-Lingua: Searchable Audio Database of Native Speaker Recordings for Your Language Class — Audio-Lingua, available at, is a collaborative repository of native speaker audio files that users can listen to on the website, download, and use for personal or pedagogical use. The goal of the service is to improve spoken language comprehension by providing audio assets for teaching amd assessment purposes.
The website includes over 7000 audio files in 13 languages, including files for Spanish, German, and French (around 1000 each). Also included are Russian (719), Italian (512), Portuguese (427), Chinese (231), Arabic (59), and Hebrew (4).


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