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MFLL Monthly Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter



Dr. Flavia Brizio–Skov (Italian) published the article, “Transnationalism and the Italian Western,” on the MIFLC Review, vol. 19 (Fall 2018-19). Dr. Brizio–Skov’s review of a critical monograph entitled Attraverso Tabucchi — Viaggio nell’opera di Antonio Tabucchi has appeared in Campi Immaginabili, a refereed Italian journal (n. 60-61, Dec. 2019). Dr. Flavia Brizio-Skov
Dr. Adrian Del Caro

Dr. Adrian Del Caro (MFLL Head, German) published “Schopenhauer’s Intellectual Relationship with Goethe: An Ambivalent Affinity” in Oxford Handbook of Schopenhauer, ed. Robert Wicks. Oxford UP, 2000. Pp. 9-28.

Dr. Dawn Duke (Hispanic Studies & Portuguese) published the following article that was released in February 2020: “So What if She Can’t Dance: a Testimony from the Afro-Cuban Woman.PALARA: Publication of the Afro-Latin/American Research Association. Fall 2019, Issue 23. 33-41.
Dr. Dawn Duke
Dr. Susan Edmundson

Dr. Susan Edmundson (French) attended the Regional Advanced Placement Symposium at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Participants discussed the latest research regarding recruiting and retaining language majors and minors by using data from the Advanced Placement Exams. They also learned about the content and scoring of French and Spanish AP exams.

Catalina Rojas (Ph.D. Candidate, Hispanic Studies) published her paper, “Georgina Herrera o el empoderamiento de las mujeres, las ancestras y las palabras” in MIFLC Review, Volume 19 Fall 2018-2019.
Catalina Rojas
Dr. Maria Stehle

Dr. Maria Stehle (German) published an essay entitled “Temporal Tapestries: Transforming Cityscapes in Berlin Music Videos” in Journal of European Popular Culture, Vol. 10:2, October 2019.


Dr. Flavia Brizio-Skov (Italian) and Dr. Chiara Mariani (Italian) have been the recipient of a UT Humanities Center Visiting Scholar Award ($2,000) that will bring to campus, in Fall 2020, the renowned cinema scholar Dr. Dana Renga.
Dr. Flavia Brizio-Skov Dr. Chiara Mariani
Renée D’Elia–Zunino

Renée D’Elia–Zunino (Italian) received the Global Catalyst Programming Grant for Italian Immersion weekend in Fall 2020. The grant is for $3,315.


Chinese Game Night — On February 7th, the Chinese Culture Club held our semesterly Chinese Game Night. This was not only the first event of the spring 2020 but also an introduction to all the interesting things that the UTK Chinese Culture Club has planned for this semester. The Chinese Game Night included traditional Chinese games such as Mahjong, Wei Qi, Chinese checkers, and more. This event is always a fun, creative, and effective way to spread Chinese cultural awareness to the community.

Chinese Game Night Chinese Game Night

Upcoming Fundraising Event for COVID-19: Charity Ride at Cyclebar — UT’s Chinese Culture Club (CCC) students and the office of Asia Engagement are co–hosting a fundraiser “Jia You China” on Friday, March 6th 6:30 – 7:15PM at Cyclebar, Bearden. We are offering free spinning classes (normal rate is $25/rider). Students’ entry fee is $10 and others are $25 with a free water bottle, cash only. All proceeds will help purchase supplies and send to Yichang City in Hubei Province. There are only 49 bikes, register online now to reserve your bike.

Jia You China Jia You China


Italian Coffee House — The Italian Club hosted a Coffee House on Feb.19 and is proud to have provided coffee and sweet treats to over 250 people.

Italian Coffee House

Italian Film — The Italian Club will present the movie Sole a Catinelle by Checco Zalone. Join us on March 26, 7pm in Hodges Library, room 212. The film is uplifting with good humor: a comedy about a father and a son on a road trip from South to North Italy.

Italian Film

The Italian Language Table continues to meet every Wednesday, 5-6pm at the International House. Join us for good conversation!


New officers — We welcome the LWBSA Officers for Spring 2020 who are ready and willing to actively promote MFLL/LWB during this semester with a number of fun activities on campus and the community:

    • Shannon Perrone- President, LWB-HS, senior
      Anna Brawner- VP, LWB-HS, senior
      Zalana Bell-Treasurer, LWB-JAPA, junior
      Paul Macharia-Public Relations and Media, LWB-HS, junior
      Ava Callis- Secretary- LWB-GERM, freshman
      Ashley Roberton- Rotating Member- LWB-FREN-freshman
  • LWBSA Officers for Spring 2020
    (in picture from left to right, back row: Bell, Perrone, Callis, and Macharia; front row: Robertson, Brawner and Parker)
    L&WB Dinner — The LWBSA members enjoyed a fun night with dinner and games on Thursday, February 27, 2020. In addition, the students wrote Get–Well cards for the children at Children’s Hospital. Go LWB Vols!
    LWB Dinner


    Brazilian Film Series — Mark your calendars for the next feature of the spring 2020 series: Mundo Cão (In Dog’s Words), Dir. Marcos Jorge, 2016 (1h 41min). Mar 29th, Sunday, 3:30 pm., Hodges Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public and the films have English subtitles. Check the BFS poster for upcoming features.

    Mundo Cão
    BFS Poster
    Bate-Papo The Portuguese Table (Bate-Papo) is meeting on Fridays, 6:00-7:30 pm. at the Golden Roast Café, 825 Melrose.
    The Portuguese Language Club (CLiP) is meeting on the first Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in 1210 McClung Tower. For more information, please contact


    Immersion Weekend — The Russian Program had its Immersion Weekend, Feb 28–March 1, organized and managed by the Russian Club’s president, Kristi Phillips. Around twenty students enjoyed cooking and eating borsch, pelmeni, bliny (pancakes), pirozhki, shashlyk (shishkebab) and other delicious treats. They also played Russian Scrabble, Monopoly, and Bingo, made Russian souvenirs, played other games, danced with swords and birch bouquets, hiked, and learned about Russian cultural traditions. Masha Kamyshkova, Maria Gallmeier and Steve Blackwell all helped out too.

    Russian Immersion Weekend
    Russian Immersion Weekend
    Russian Immersion Weekend
    Russian Immersion Weekend
    AJ Culpepper (Russian Studies, BA 2020) presented a paper at the national conference of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages. Her paper was entitled “Geometries of Self in Nabokov’s The Defense.” She is one of a very small number of undergraduates to present at this conference.



    LTR Workshop: Kathy Knight LTR Methods Workshop — The MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop series will continue the Spring Semester series with a workshop on March 5 from 1PM to 2PM in the Telecollaoration and Seminar Room (AMB 2). In the workshop “Is your father from Mars?: Personalizing activities for authenticity,” Kathy Knight will discuss various ways to use authentic online homework to create unique communicative activities. The components of the activities and ways to create and implement them will be shared. Attendees will participate in a mini version of the online homework and then will work in language groups to outline their own version for their teaching language and level. A livestream of the workshop will be available on the LRC’s Facebook page as well as the LRC’s YouTube Channel. Have an idea for a presentation? Contact a member of the LTR Methods Workshop organizing team! [Laurent, Mia, Thorsten, Doug]. All are welcome.

    ITL Workshop Facilitating Collaboration in Experiential Learning (Thu., March 5, 2 PM, Student Union 362C) As part of the University's Faculty Innovators Program, Laurent Zunino (French) and Doug Canfield (Language Resource Center) will introduce you to best practices in forging collaborations within the classroom for experiential learning opportunities, and how to manage common positives and pitfalls in these relationships.
    Click here to register


    Introduction to Transana (Wed., March 4, 11AM–12 PM, Online) This fast-paced webinar introduces Transana 3.32’s tools for analyzing video and audio data, still images and text. You will see the transcription interface, talk about importing data, and using keywords, coding and categorizing for qualitative analysis. Learn how you can use clips and quotes of your data to do instant analysis from a variety of perspectives. You will see how you can analyze multiple-camera video and create and use multiple meaningful transcripts. Feel free to bring your questions!
    Click here to register
    Instructor Training: Advanced Settings for LockDown Browser (Tues., March 10, 3 PM, online) This in-depth training will focus on advanced features such as allowing iPads and the use of external websites during exams.
    Click here to register
    Instructor Training: LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor (Wed., March 18, 2 PM) This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session provides a detailed demonstration of both applications, including new enhancements that make Respondus Monitor even more effective and easy to use.
    Click here to register
    Online Training of the Month: Selecting and adapting online materials for the presentational mode of communication The presentational mode places the learner as speaker or writer for a “distant” audience—one with whom interaction is either not possible or limited. Given that the presentational model refers to what the speaker or writer produces, there seems to be an opposition between selecting and adapting online materials when it is precisely the learner who is producing something; however, learners retrieve the information from somewhere, and currently, that somewhere is often online. Consequently, learners have the possibility of using several tools to present their information. Students need to know where to find information, what information to look for, and how to evaluate the quality of the selected information. In this webinar, Dr.Ana Oskoz will discuss the importance of understanding multimodality, hybridity, and ownership when teaching students to become effective speakers and writers in an online environment.
    Click here to view


    Organizing our Instruction and the Experiential Learning Cycle — In Episode 133 of the We Teach Languages Podcast, Stacey Margarita Johnson presents several approaches to organizing instruction in order to help give shape to lessons, enable more efficient decision-making by the instructor, and ensure that students get everything they need out of a lesson. Stacey first references lesson organization by several experts, then explores in depth the experiential learning cycle and its applications in the language classroom. Stacey then discusses useful methods aligned with an experiential approach including the PACE model for teaching grammar, the IMAGE model for teaching culture, task-based language teaching, and multiliteracies pedagogy.
    Click here to listen
    LRChat Podcast Episode 3, Language-Learning Apps — Ayaa Alfatlawy and Holly Gary review 3 lnguge learning apps, one of of which is available for free to students through Hodges Library.
    Click here to listen


    Goosechase Goosechase: Scavenger Hunts for the Masses — This app helps you facilitate scavenger hunts, where teams of students compete to find items you assign (in the physical world), then take photo evidence at each point and post it on the app. The app then keeps track of team points so you know which team won by the end. This tool is great for icebreakers at the beginning of the semester and works beautifully for vocabulary building as well. You could also plug just about any other content to keep it academically focused while still getting your students moving and collaborating.


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