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MFLL Monthly Newsletter


Dr. Harriet Bowden and Dr. Bernard Issa (Hispanic Studies) presented a paper together with Kara Morgan-Short at the Second Language Research Forum in Montreal Canada in October entitled “Heritage speakers’ online processing of Spanish: Group and individual profiles of ERP patterns”.
Dr. Harriet Bowden

Dr. Bernard Issa
Dr. Harriet Bowden
Dr. Harriet Bowden (Hispanic Studies) received an award at the first annual UT 2019 Research awards for Top Citations by collegiate division (tied with Aleydis Van de Moortel) for publications in the last 5 years.
Dr. Luis Cano (Hispanic Studies) published “Mundos alternativos sin voces femeninas: Las Violetas son flores del deseo de Ana Clavel y Lusus naturae de Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría” [Alternate Worlds With No Female Voices: Violets are flowers of desire by Ana Clavel and Lusus naturae by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría] in an special issue of the journal Co-herencia devoted to Dystopian Worlds in Latin American Literatures (March 2019, 107-128).
Dr. Luis Cano
Dr. Dawn Duke
Dr. Dawn Duke (Hispanic Studies/Portuguese) published the following article: “The Black Studies Program at the University of Tennessee: Perspectives from an Ex-Program Director.” Educação Unisinos. 23, 1 (janeiro-março 2019): 8-20.
Dr. Flavien Falantin (French) chaired the panel “Dystopie pour une prise de conscience” and presented a paper on “Dystopie ou prophétie? Exploitation des peurs du lecteur dans le roman francophone du 21ème siècle”, at the International Colloquium 20th-21st- Century French/Francophone Studies, in Oklahoma City (14-17 March 2019).
Dr. Flavien Falentin
Dr. Maria Gallmeier
Dr. Maria Gallmeier (German & Russian) will be teaching a University Honors course for freshman in the Honors Program this Fall on “Imposters, despots and reformers: the experience of Russia’s governing contradictions”.
Dr. Noriko Horiguchi (Japanese) participated in the 2019 Association for Asian Studies Conference in Denver, Colorado, on March 20-24 as a discussant for the panel “Aesthetics, the Body, and the State in Twentieth-Century Japan.” Professor Horiguchi discussed points for further research and common threads connecting the work of members of this panel, whose topics cross divisions of discipline and range from the 1920s through the 1950s to consider the arc of transwar Japanese conceptualizations of the aestheticized body as these were related to the Japanese state. It was an opportunity for Professor Horiguchi to work with rising scholars in the fields of theater, cinema, nihonga paintings, and advertisements (Tara Rodman, Michael Crandol, Alison Miller, and Irena Hayter) whose research expands conceptualizations of the relationships between the visual, the corporeal, and the national and helps us understand what cemented official ideology and what pushed the boundaries of accepted bodies in mid-twentieth-century Japan.
Dr. Noriko Horiguchi
Dr. Gregory Kaplan
Dr. Gregory Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) published an article, “Using Low-Tech Pedagogy for Teaching the Middle Ages,” in Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching 26.1 (2019), pp. 51-59.
Dr. Mary McAlpin (French) gave an invited talk at the University of Kentucky on March 28th, sponsored by the Departments of History, Gender and Women's Studies, and Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. The talk, “Naturalizing Rape in the Enlightenment,” was taken from her current book project.
Dr. Mary McAlpin


Allison Becha Tori Sanders Mallory Nischan
Allison Becha, Tori Sanders, and Mallory Nischan (French) presented a panel on Jacques Roumain’s Gouverneurs de la rosée at UTK’s annual Vernacular Symposium.
Allison Becha (French) presented a paper titled “Le cycle de l’absurde : contre–enquête. Nietzschéisme, nihilisme et intertextualité chez Albert Camus et Kamel Daoud” at a recent Philosophy and Languages conference in Meknès, Morocco.
Allison Becha


865 Night Market — The CCC participated in 865 Night Market, a part of UT Culture Week. The CCC’s first appearance at the 865 Night Market on March 29th was a success. This is the second fundraising event CCC did this academic year. CCC sold out of all 300 egg tarts. There were some people coming for seconds and complimenting on the food’s authenticity. This was a good opportunity to introduce this traditional Chinese dessert to students on campus.

865 Night Market 865 Night Market
Upcoming Chinese Karaoke Competition — The Chinese Program and CCC are going to host our 6th annual Chinese Karaoke Competition on Friday, April 12 from 6pm at I-House Great Room.

Chinese Karaoke Competition


French Connections Week — Pi Delta Phi, the French Honor Society celebrated its chapter’s 70th Anniversary this year with their 5th annual French Connections Week. Classic events included Coffee & Canvas, World Trivia Night, and a Pétanque Tournament during the last week of March. They had some furry friends join them this week!

French Connections Week French Connections Week
French Connections Week French Connections Week
French Immersion Day — French faculty, GTAs and about 20 students of different French levels got together on March 30th to celebrate their French Immersion Day at the TN School for the Deaf. The program was highly diversified with dancing from Brittany, Karaoke, an Iron Chef culinary competition, mini-Olympics, a scavenger hunt, and a surprise Easter egg hunt to conclude the day. Everybody shared good laughs, enjoyed making new connections, and won cool prizes as a keepsake of French memories. Pictures are from Iron Chefs contestants and the Easter egg hunt.

French Immersion Day French Immersion Day
Upcoming French Film Series — The final installment of this semester’s French Film Series will be on Monday, April 8th at 6:30 in the Library Auditorium. Les Aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc–Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec) is an action-adventure movie with steampunk flair directed by Luc Besson and based on the comic book character of the same name. There will be an optional discussion in English following the screening.

The extraordinary adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec


Talent show — Italian students earned third place in the 2019 MFLL Talent Show with their number A.M.I.C.I. A group of students from four different classes of Italian 112 and 212 came together to perform a number about cross–cultural friendship, under the guidance of Lecturer Francesca Follone–Montgomery. These students created the plot, wrote the script and filmed a music video of a song they translated into Italian. The inspiration for the number came to them after noticing a few similarities between the characters of the American TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the Italian people portrayed in the videos of their course textbook. The scenario for the number they performed describes the friendship formed between the Italian friends and the characters from the American TV series. Their delightful performance expressed with humor the cultural similarities and differences between the two groups. During the preparation, rehearsals and performance of this number, students experienced the birth of a friendship of their own.
The presence of Italians at the Talent show was also represented by another talented group of students who performed an adaptation of the Italian fable “lo zio Lupo”, originally written by Italo Calvino. The number was created and adapted to theatre by the Italian student Kathryn Nabors. Both performances proved the students’ enthusiastic commitment to learn. The event was truly a delight for all, as also described in the article on the Daily Beacon.

Talent Show
Featured Film: Big Night, by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci, 1996, USA, 109'
When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 at 6:00 pm
Where: Central Cinema 1205 N Central St, Knoxville, TN 37917
Admission is free, and includes popcorn and drink!
Big Night

Recommended Reading: How Stanley Tucci's Big Night helped kick off an American dining revolution.


Japanese Speech Contest — Mahagi Lacure and Megumu Burress (Japanese) organized and led the 13th Annual Japanese Speech Contest on March 27 at the UT International House. A total of 14 contestants chosen from first– to fourth–year Japanese language classes gave their speeches to a room packed with fellow students, friends, parents, and instructors. The students from the lower division discussed a special person in their life or a memorable experience. Some titles were “My Imaginary Friend,” “Can’t Leave the Temple!” and “Japanese 7–Eleven.” The upper–division first–prize winner had presented a well–researched speech on a current topic entitled “Japanese Society without Desires, Dreams & Motivation.” He will be competing at the Tennessee Area Speech Contest in Murfreesboro next week. The UT Japanese speech contest also included song performances by each class. Many were popular Anime songs, and members of two classes played musical instruments to accompany songs: an ukulele, an Okinawan sanshin, and a violin. This added richness to their singing, and they won awards. The participants and guests enjoyed Japanese snacks and door prizes during the intermission. The event was supported by MFLL, the Asian Studies Program, and the Center for International Education.

Japanese Speech Contest Japanese Speech Contest
Japanese Speech Contest


MFLL Talent show — Wanessa Velloso (Portuguese) and a group of students in her first– and second–year classes won the first prize for their performance of Maculelê. Maculelê is an Afro–Brazilian dance where a number of people gather in a circle called a roda. It is sometimes practiced by itself, but is quite often practiced alongside Capoeira performances. We owe many thanks to Alejandro Flores, Mestre de Capoeira, for all his work with our students.

MFLL Talent Show
Portuguese tutoring at the Student Success Center — Shelby Delille is now tutoring Portuguese students at the SSC. Check out her nice video inviting students to stop by and get help.
Live performance at the Brazilian Film Series — Gabriela Parizzi (Portuguese/Spanish) and her husband André Parizzi performed three songs by the famous Brazilian singer Elis Regina before the screening of the film “Elis” this past Sunday at Hodges Library Auditorium. It was a fabulous way for our talented Parizzi gaúchos to pay homage to another gaúcha, the Pimentinha Elis Regina. Fun was had by all.
Live performance at the Brazilian Film Series
Upcoming Brazilian Film Series — Our film series is celebrating Brazilian music. The last feature of this season is Tim Maia, a biopic portraying the life of the explosive and irreverent singer Tim Maia, the voice of Brazilian soul. Dir. Mauro Lima, 2014. English subtitles - 1h 40m. April 14, Sunday, 4:00 p.m. at Hodges Library Auditorium. Free and open to the public.

Tim Maia
The Portuguese Table (Bate-Papo) is meeting on Fridays, 6:00-7:30 pm. at the Golden Roast Café, 825 Melrose.

Bate-Papo Bate-Papo



Thanks and congratulations are due to Masha Kamyshkova (Russian) and Francesca Follone-Montgomery (Italian) for their excellent work in organizing the annual MFLL Talent Show! It was a fantastic experience and kudos to all the students and colleagues who participated. The event was emceed by Jenny Salata (French) and student Trey Moore. The winners this year are a group of students from Portuguese (first place), a group from Japanese (second place), and students in Italian (third place). There were many performances, with an intermission featuring Phillip Baites’ award winning video.
Kudos and thanks also to Clint Elmore in Communications, and his students, for live–streaming the event. It was great to see over a hundred people in the auditorium of our new Student Union — and equally great to see MFLL faculty on stage with their talented students! Thank you for a wonderful event!

MFLL Talent Show


Dr. Stephen Blackwell (Russian/Director of UG Studies), Dr. Maria Gallmeier (Assistant Director of UG Studies), Dr. Harriet Bowden (Hispanic Studies/ Linguistics) und her student Matthew Feldman (Neuroscience), Dr. Phillip Stokes (Arabic), Dr. Noriko Horiguchi (Japanese/Asian Studies) and her students Mercedes Cook (Asian Studies)and Hayley Gerlach (Asian Studies) represented MFLL at the second annual UT Research Day on March 30, 2019. The event was co–sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and showcased exciting research done on campus. During two breakout sessions high school juniors, seniors and admitted students visited the Humanities Fair and talk to five MFLL professors and three UG students about studying and research in our department.
UT Research Day


In recognition of the faculty, staff, and administrators who have participated in the College of Arts & Sciences’ summer online course development initiative, a reception was held on Tuesday, March 26th at the new Student Union. Provost David Manderscheid applauded the initiative of faculty who have helped to greatly increase student’s access to online undergraduate courses and innovative educational opportunities. He underlined that there are now 50 summer online courses taught in our College which is, in his words, a record to be proud of. MFLL faculty recognized: Katie Bevins, Renée D’Elia–Zunino, Susan Edmundson, Jill Haynes, Leonor Lundy, Maria Stehle, Pedro Thomas, and Rossy Toledo.

Summer online course development initiative


10 Languages, 1 trophy!! Mark your calendars, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 4:00 pm. Regal Stadium. Come to support your team!

MFLL World Cup


Mirage Solo VR Headset World in my eyes

RTB Level up!
WebCAPE 2.0 is Here! —The transition process has begun! Over the next month, we will be making the necessary changes to incorporate WebCAPE 2.0 as our platform for placement testing. Starting May 1st, the transition will be final, and services on the 1.0 platform will expire. Features such as API integration, single sign-on, and automatic data export will be made available over the next few months, but we have immediate access to the new Italian exam. Feel free to click on and/or distribute the following links for the different exams we have ready to test (test is currently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers):
LTR Workshop–Robert Sauveur
LTR Methods Workshops — The MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop series continued on March 7, as Betsabé Navarro (Spanish) presented on “Drama–based Pedagogy in the Foreign Language Classroom.”. The video from the workshop is archived on the LRC Facebook page and will soon make its way to the LTR Website. The series will continue with our second workshop on April 4th from 1PM to 2PM in the Telecollaoration and Seminar Room (AMB 2). Andrew Graves (German) will present on “Multimodality in L2 Reading and Writing”. We will again facilitate a Facebook live-feed, and will be experimenting with 180° and 360° livecasting as well. Modest refreshments will be provided. Have an idea for a presentation? Contact the Methods Workshop organizing team! [Laurent, Mia, Thorsten, Doug]. All are welcome.


QuestionPro Introduction (Thu., April 4, 10AM , OIT Training Ctr.) In this hands-on workshop, you will create and deploy a web-based survey using QuestionPro. Basic question construction (single and multiple response questions, grid/matrix tables for Likert questions, text questions) will be covered as well as how to add in Display and Skip Logic, which allows the respondent to skip questions that do not pertain to them, thereby shortening their response time. An overview of the reporting tools and how to export data will also be presented.
Click here to register
Avoiding Copyright Issues With Open Educational Resources (OER) (Wed., April 10, 9AM - 11MM, OIT Training Ctr.) This workshop features technologies that can be used to find and create free and copyright-free Open Educational Resources (OER) to use as learning materials for your courses. You will discover sources and technologies for copyright-free images, videos, textbooks, course units, and more. Bring your own laptop or tablet and come prepared to search for specific topics and locate materials that you can use and remix for your courses. Click here to register
Canvas Assignments/Assessments/Grades(Tues., April 23, 1:30PM - 3PM, OIT Training Ctr.) This workshop will focus on the Canvas assessment tools (Assignments and Quizzes) you can use to track and/or improve student learning. You will also learn the relationship between Canvas assessments and the grade book. We'll go beyond the nuts and bolts of assessment creation and management by learning about many best practices and helpful hints that can contribute toward a better, more efficient online experience for both you and your students. Click here to register
IRB 101(Tues., April 16, 10AM - 12PM, A004 Blount Hall) This overview of IRB requirements and procedures is open to and appropriate for anyone who wishes to learn how to receive human subjects approval for research at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville - whether you are new to the campus, new to human subjects research, or just want a refresher. Topics include: Do I need IRB approval, how the IRB process works, who can help me with my IRB application, and how to submit one.Click here to register


The next MFLL Newsletter will be published Tuesday, May 7. Submissions should be sent to esilva@utk.edu prior to 6:00 p.m., Sunday, April 5. Please be prompt in submitting items in time to meet the deadline.

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