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MFLL Monthly Newsletter


Three members of MFLL celebrated their years of service at the University of Tennessee at the Service Awards Recognition Luncheon on Dec. 11, 2018. Lesa Pass (35 years — Main office, Admin Support Assistant II), Dr. Flavia Brizio–Skov (30 years — Italian) and Dr. Eurídice Silva–Filho (25 years — Portuguese). UT employees with more than 25 years of service are invited to a service awards recognition luncheon hosted by the president and campus chancellors. Honorees are invited at five–year increments beginning with the 25th year of service. Kudos to Ms. Pass, and Drs. Brizio–Skov and Silva–Filho for their loyal service to UT and MFLL.
Service Awards Recognition Luncheon


Renée D'Elia-Zunino
Renée D'Elia–Zunino (Italian) published an article in the Journal of Language and Teaching Technology of the AATI (American Association Teachers of Italian) entitled: “Technology's Promise: Online or Face-to-Face, the Language is Yours!
Dr. Gregory Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) published a book, The Origins of Democratic Zionism (Routledge), which is the first study to link the modern appreciation for democratic freedom directly to Jewish political thought in seventeenth–century Amsterdam. The book focuses on influential rabbi Saul Levi Morteira, as well as two of the most renowned members of his congregation, Baruch Spinoza and Miguel de Barrios.
Gregory Kaplan
Natalia Kamyshnikova-Pervukhina

On the last day of December 2018, Dr. Natalia Kamyshnikova–Pervukhina’s (Russian) memoires book was published in Russian. Currently, Prof. Kamyshnikova–Pervukhina is working on the second part, devoted to her American experience. Natalia Kamyshnikova-Pervukhina “Zapiski na pamiat’” ISBN 978-0-578-41911-4 pp. 273.
Abstract: Written as a series of individual but chronologically arranged essays, the memoirs describe the personal experience of a Moscow born Jew during Stalin and Post-Stalin period. The book covers family history, school and summer camps, childhood in a communal apartment, Jewish life in the Soviet Union, Stalin's death, Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, Moscow dissidents in the 1950 and 1960, and many life stories of people the author met.
Editors: Arkel JV, Pervurkhin N. Pencil Box Press, Springfield, MO 30 Dec 2018.

Dr. Anne–Hélène Miller (French) has been awarded a $60,000 year–long National Endowment for the Humanities to support her research for her monograph entitled The Literary Status of French and Cultural Boundaries in the Long Fourteenth Century: The Formation of a Francophone Identity.
Noriko Horiguchi
Phillip Stokes
In December 2018, Dr. Phillip Stokes (Arabic) published a chapter in an edited volume: “The Plural Demonstratives and Relatives Based on *’Vl in Arabic and the Origin of Dialectal illī,” in Daniel Birnstiel and Na’ama Pat–El (eds.), Re-engaging comparative Semitic and Arabic Studies. Berlin: Harrassowitz Verlag, pp. 131–154. The chapter compares plural demonstrative and relative forms in pre–Islamic, Classical and modern dialectal Arabic varieties in order to reconstruct the proto–Arabic form for each. It also argues for a new etymology of the near–ubiquitous modern dialectal relative particle illī, which has heretofore defied convincing explanation.


Chinese Game Night — To celebrate the beginning of the spring 2019 semester and the Chinese New Year, the Chinese Culture Club held a Chinese Game Night event on Thursday, January 31st. This Event was co-sponsored by the Confucius Institute. The games included Mahjong, Chinese chess, telephone, and Chinese New Year trivia. The highlight of the game night was the group game telephone, which created an opportunity for Chinese language students to interact with Chinese international students directly. Ultimately, all the participants had a good time and got to learn about Chinese games and Chinese New Year Culture.

Chinese Game Night Chinese Game Night
Chinese Game Night
 Chinese Game Night


Dr. Anne–Hélène Miller (French) has served as professional consultant for the contemporary ballet Jehanne: The Story of Joan of Arc, an original creation by the Knoxville Go! Contemporary Ballet Company upcoming at the Bijou Theater on February 23-24, 2019. All are invited!

Jehanne The Story of Joan of Arc
This semester, The French Film Series will celebrate the Representations of Women in Graphic Novels. All films are free & open to the public, and will be screened at the Hodges Library Auditorium. For info, contact Ms. Jenny Salata.
Monday, Feb 4th, 6:30 pm: Persepolis.
Wednesday, Feb 27th, 5:30 pm: La Vie d’Adèle.
Monday, April 8th, 6:30 pm: Adèle Blanc–Sec.

French Film Series


The Italian program hosted the Italian Immersion Day on Saturday Feb. 2nd. The theme was Viva il Carnevale. Students created masks and learned about the origins of Carneval, and the Venetian influence. They learned how to make tiramisù from scratch, a delicious spaghetti alla bolognese, and bruschetta. Activities ranged from dances and improvised skits, to bingo, a treasure hunt, and outdoor games.

Italian Immersion Day Italian Immersion Day
Italian Immersion Day
 Italian Immersion Day
The Italian Table meets every Monday at the International House, from 6:00–7:00pm., and the Italian Club meets every other Wednesday at 2:20 pm in Hodges Library in the Starbucks area.


The Club of the Portuguese Language (CLiP) will be sending out Valentine’s Day cards in the form of Valentine–o–grams to friends and admirers alike in order to raise money for the Portuguese Language Club! They will be selling Valentine–o–grams with messages to loved ones in Portuguese for one dollar. The cards come attached with a small bag of chocolate or candy and will be delivered to the loved one the day before Valentine’s Day. For details check out this video https://youtu.be/-mqNkFAJ9mo and for more info, contact Shelby Cross, CLiP President.

The Brazilian Film Series is celebrating Brazilian music this semester. The next feature is Cazuza: Time Doesn’t Stop, February 26th, Tuesday, 4:00 pm. at Hodges Library Auditorium. Dir. Daniel Filho, 2004. English subtitles — 1h 38m. Free and open to the public.

Cazuza: Time Doesn’t Stop Brazilian Film Series
The Portuguese Table (Bate-Papo) is meeting on Fridays, 6:00-7:30 pm. at the Golden Roast Café, 825 Melrose.

Bate-Papo Bate-Papo


Mirage Solo VR Headset World in my eyes

WebCAPE 2.0 is Coming! — WebCAPE has offered a reliable computer adaptive exam for almost 15 years at the LRC. The WebCAPE platform is finally ready for an upgrade to keep up with the innovation offered by new technology and new available languages. The LRC has been working for several months on a transition to WebCAPE 2.0, which should be in place for the Summer Semester (and the First-Year Student Orientation sessions). The new version will not only have a new-and-improved look but will also include features such as a dashboard for administrators and test-takers, easy access to test results, simple survey customization, improved psychometrics, and integration with Banner, our student information system! In addition, new languages (starting with Italian) and new assessment modes (starting with speaking) will become available to us. As we are in our final stages of testing and building for the new platform, we need several instructors and students who are willing to take some tests for user-friendliness and even more feedback on how to improve the system before we are ready to transition to the new platform. If you or your students are interested in being a part of this, please click on and/or distribute the following links for the different exams we have ready to test (test is currently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers):
Say hello to Alyssa! — We have several wonderful student workers in the LRC. Among them is Alyssa Guthrie, who is now the new Student Social Media Ambassador for the LRC! She is an English major with a Communications Studies minor, but with an abiding love for Spanish and languages. Among the other hats she wears in the LRC (digitizing and film-editing maven, among others), she will be posting content on the LRC's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Feel free to reach out to her on our social media accounts, or drop in and say hello to her in person!
Alyssa Guthrie

360 Content Creation — In addition to the VR/AR assets we have, the LRC has purchased even more 360° cameras to allow instructors to create their own immersive environments, and we have partnered with InstaVR to allow for the creation of augmented reality experiences as well. We continue to test the capabilities on our own “LRC Virtual Tour”, and we are excited to work with many of you as you begin to create your own experiences! If you are on a web browser, you should be able to see our interactive VR tour below. If you can't see it, you are probably on a mail client. No worries! Just click here to see what we have put together so far! We are preparing advanced workshops on what these AR environments offer. If you are interested in this March workshop, you should go to the OIT introductory workshop on February 28 to prepare for the March LRC workshop (see details on the OIT workshop in "Training Events" below).

LTR Workshop–Robert Sauveur
LTR Methods Workshops — The MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop series will continue with workshops on March 7 and April 4 from 1PM to 2PM in the Telecollaoration and Seminar Room (AMB 2). On March 7, Betsabé Navarro (Spanish) will present on the use of theatre in the classroom. We will facilitate a Facebook live-feed of the workshops, and will be experimenting with 360° livecasting as well. We will have more details of Betsabé’s workshop as we get closer to March 7. Have an idea for a presentation? Contact the Methods Workshop organizing team! [Laurent, Mia, Thorsten, Doug]. All are welcome.
Plex Server — Our student workers have finished converting the entire LRC Collection to digital format, and we are continuing to load the content onto our Plex Media Server, which you and your students can acccess! You can now search the LRC Media Database, and if a movie is on the database, it is likely already on the Plex server! If you want to learn how to use the Plex server on your computer, with your students for a course, or on one of our media devices for your classes, let us know!
If there are titles you would like to acquire for your classes, please let us know by filling out this form!


Enhancing Video Learning with Captions (Tues., February 12, 10 AM – 12 PM, Communications Room 43) Captioning is known to improve attention, retention, and comprehension of learning videos. In this hands-on workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn multiple ways to efficiently and effectively caption their own videos using YouTube or Arc Media (built into Canvas).
Click here to register
Office 365: Sway (Thurs., February 14, 2:10PM - 3:10PM, Communications Room 43) This workshop will teach you how to use Sway, an app in the Office 365 cloud-based suite, to create visually-striking presentations. Sway is an alternative to PowerPoint that is free to you through Office 365. In this workshop, you will learn the different parts of the Sway interface, how to create a presentation, how to design and adjust a layout, and how to share your Sway. Click here to register
Experiential Learning Through Augmented/Virtual Reality (Thurs., February 28, 10AM – 12PM, 220E Hodges Library) You will learn ways to incorporate augmented reality into your classes as an experiential learning approach. The workshop will provide pedagogical examples, demonstrate free augmented reality authoring software/apps, and guide you through a process of building your own augmented reality projects. The workshop will consist of an augmented reality presentation, followed by a hands-on workshop where you will create your own augmented reality project and develop an augmented reality class assignment, as well as a general discussion period for questions. Click here to register
Online Training of the Month: Creating and Deploying Microlearning Do you feel sometimes like you can't hold the attention of your students? Get to the next level of engagement with microlearning. Microlearning is more than just short educational videos; microlearning places emphasis on providing the right content to your students at the right time, in an easy-to-use format. In this course, you will explore how to create and deploy microlearning that will provide your students with the instruction they need where they can use it the most — on their mobile devices. Learn how to develop engaging assets, including everything from infographics and podcasts to memes and GIFs, and track the effectiveness of your microlearning assets to see what content is getting the most attention.
Click here to view


The next MFLL Newsletter will be published Tuesday, March 5. Submissions should be sent to esilva@utk.edu prior to 6:00 p.m., Sunday, March 3. Please be prompt in submitting items in time to meet the deadline.

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