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MFLL Monthly Newsletter


Rudyard Alcocer (Hispanic Studies) is President of the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference (MIFLC) in 2018. He is the primary organizer of this year’s MIFLC, which will be held on the UT campus October 4-6. He published an article last month: “Anacristina Rossi and the Uses of Literature in Costa Rica.” In Critical Insights: Contemporary Latin American Fiction. Ed. Ignacio López-Calvo. Grey House Publishing 2017. Pp. 83-97. Print.
Rudyard Alcocer
Yen-Chen Hao
Yen-Chen Hao (Chinese) recently published an article titled “Contextual effect in second language perception and production of Mandarin tones” in Speech Communication, 97, 32-42.
Gregory Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) has been invited to serve as a founding editor of ConSecuencias, a new journal housed at Boston College that will focus on criticism in all areas of Hispanic literature, language, culture and film.
Gregory Kaplan
Harrison Meadows
Harrison Meadows (Hispanic Studies) presented a paper titled, “Wild Theater: Staging the Margins of Ideology in the Spanish Comedia” at the 2018 MLA Convention in New York as part of a working group organized by the Iberian Theatre & Performance Network. In December, his review of Olid Guerrero’s Del teatro a la novela: el ritual del disfraz en las Novelas ejemplares de Cervantes was published in Hispania, vol. 100, no. 4.
John Romeiser (French and Francophone Studies) has had an article, “Vichy France and the Nuremberg Laws”, published in Nazi Law: From Nuremberg to Nuremberg, London, Bloomsbury, 2018, 48-66.
John Romeiser
Dolly Young
Dolly Young (Hispanic Studies) was awarded a 2018 Professional and Scholarly Development Award, which will allow her to continue her research project over the lower-division Spanish curriculum. It further allows her to expand her research to include study abroad programs in Spain this summer.


The MFLL talent show will take place April 5 in the Cox Auditorium. Please, let your students know about this opportunity and encourage them to participate. Here is the timeline for the dates that you need to know:
  • January 24 — the sign-up for the performances will start. We will send you a separate email about the sign-ups.
  • March 20 — the deadline to submit performance numbers. Let your students know that they should contact their instructor or language representative first. We want to make sure that the total number of minutes per language does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • March 29 — Rehearsals in the Cox Auditorium. We know that it's the day before Good Friday, but we could not reserve the auditorium for any other night. Please, send at least some of the performers to the rehearsal.
  • April 5 — Talent show

The Talent show is a competition. Three prizes (1st, 2nd, and 3d) will be awarded at the end of the show for the best performances. This year, the instructors are also allowed to participate in the numbers with their students. If you are a professor or an instructor, and you are interested in being a judge for the show, please contact Masha at kmasha@utk.edu. We still need seven judges.


Although we do not have a date for the Soccer Tournament yet, Susan Edmundson, Wanessa Velloso, and Laurent Zunino, the committee in charge of organizing the event, have already started working in order to shine the spotlight on MFLL. Exciting news regarding the event is on the way. Stay tuned!


Renée Delia-Zunino (Italian) is lauching a book February 10 at Barnes and Noble, from 1:00-3:00 pm. The story behind her book is interesting: Her maternal grandfather, Franz Rauchensteiner, created the character Wickl-Wackl. During World War II, he was a school principal in Landshut, Germany, and in order to avoid pledging allegiance to the Nazi party, he left his job and became a carpenter. He carved out of wood the puppet character of Wickl-Wackl, and would tell stories to her mom and sister when they were kids, as well as to Renée when she was little. Three years ago, she came across some of the stories he wrote and some of the drawings he made. She decided to write a story inspired by his own and contacted local artist Mike Berry to do the illustrations. Berry is director of the UT Gallery downtown.


LTR Methods Workshops
LTR Methods Workshop — The MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop series continues in the Spring Semester! On Wednesday, February 21 at 2PM, Bernie Issa will present "Creating and scaffolding communicative tasks" in AMB 2. On Thursday, March 1 at 2PM, Renée D’Elia-Zunino & Susan Edmundson will present “Creating communicative activities for an online environment: Using technology for class interaction”. A livestream will be available on the LRC Facebook page, and all recordings will be made available with supporting materials on the MFLL Language Teaching Resources page. Have an idea for the Spring? We have room for you! Contact the Methods Workshop organizing team! [Laurent, Mia, Thorsten, Doug]. All are welcome.


Digitization 101 (Thurs., February 1, 10:00AM - 2PM in AMB 4) Digitization is much more than converting a physical or analog object into its digital equivalent. It is about efficiently repurposing crucial information resources to improve how these resources are used by your students and your colleagues. This drop-in session will answer your direct questions concerning the five major steps in digitization; critical success factors; copyright and other intellectual property issues; sharing with colleagues and students, and the phenomenal digitization tools in the LRC, including the new CZUR ET Book Scanner.
Canvas Analytics for Student Success (Thurs., February 8, 10:00AM - 11:30AM in 520 Greve Hall) Analytics can help you as an instructor to improve student success by providing insight into student learning behaviors. In this workshop, you will learn how to assess the effectiveness of your online teaching methods, identify areas that need improvement, and identify at-risk students. Click here to register
Best Practices for Presentations (Tues., February 13, 1PM - 2PM in Hodges Library 220E) In this workshop, you will get tips on the best practices for designing, delivering and assessing presentations. Software covered will include PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Sway. You'll get tips on how to not use endless bullet points, what types of images are best (hint: don’t use clipart), and how to organize your presentation to keep your audience awake. Click here to register
Online Training of the Month: Learning Video Live Streaming — Using little more than a smartphone, it's now possible to produce a live broadcast that can be viewed by anyone with a connected device. In this workshop, you will learn tools and techniques for live streaming video content on the internet: how to set up and start a live webcast using a variety of inexpensive software solutions, best practices for both mobile and desktop streaming, and strategies for connecting with a live audience. Click here to view

Deadline for Submissions for the Next Newsletter

The next MFLL monthly newsletter will be published Tuesday, February 20. Deadline for receipt of submissions will be 6:00 p.m., Sunday, February 18, and should be sent to jromeise@utk.edu. Please be prompt in submitting items in time to meet the deadline.

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