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Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

MFLL Monthly Newsletter


Harriet Wood Bowden (Hispanic Studies) published an article, “Assessing second-language oral proficiency: The elicited imitation task” in the journal Studies in Second Language Acquisition. In December, she gave an invited keynote titled “Second language learning and processing: Investigating the interaction of internal and external influences” at a workshop on Language Learning: From the Laboratory to the Classroom held at the University of Tübingen, Germany.
Harriet Wood Bowden
UTK College Scholars Seal

Alexandra (Alex) Brito, a College Scholars Student working with Harriet Bowden (Hispanic Studies), has been awarded an Undergraduate Summer Research Internship to begin work on her senior thesis project, “Effect of language immersion on advanced, late learners of French as revealed by electroencephalography”. She has been awarded a stipend and will present her results at Discovery Day in the Fall.
Flavia Brizio-Skov (Italian) has published an essay on transnational cinema in Cultural and Religious Studies, and she has contributed to the Forum on “The Present State and Future Prospects of Italian Cinema Studies” (together with Flavia Laviosa, Millicent Marcus, Alan O’Leary, Massimo Riva, Pasquale Verdicchio and Christopher Wagstaff ), which will be published in the Blackwell Companion to Italian Cinema (forthcoming). She recently received a grant from Ready for the World for an event organized inside the Linkage Exchange Program between UT and the University of Genova, an exchange of which she is the Director and that has been active since 1994.
Flavia Brizio-Skov
Luis C. Cano
Luis C. Cano (Hispanic Studies) will present the paper “Jorge Luis Borges en la novela negra” at the XII Conference of Harboiled Novel and Film Noir in Salamanca, Spain, in May. The paper is part of his ongoing research on the literary representations of Borges in Latin American popular genres.
Mark Hipshire, BA, French/Chemistry, minor in Portuguese, has been awarded a full scholarship in the 2-year Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Program in AquaCulture, Environment, and Society. Students in the program spend consecutive semesters studying at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, the University of Crete, Greece, and the University of Nantes, France. The program is designed to address the major scientific, technological, and social obstacles facing the sustainable development of the global aquaculture industry.
Noriko J. Horiguchi

Noriko J. Horiguchi (Modern Japanese Literature and Culture) gave a keynote lecture at the UC Berkeley Japan Studies Graduate Conference on April 22, 2016. The theme of the conference was “Embodied Health, Embodied Knowledge.” Horiguchi delivered her talk titled “Devouring Body of Empire: Eating the Other in Modern Japanese Narratives.”
Thorsten Huth (German) has been awarded a teaching innovation grant from the TN Teaching and Learning Center in support of the first- and second-year German course sequence.
Thorsten Huth
University of Tennessee

In addition to being named the 2016 Outstanding Graduate in French Studies,Cheyanne Leonardo was named a recipient of both the 2016 Chancellor’s Award for Extraordinary Academic Achievement and the 2016 – 2017 J. Wallace & Katie Dean Graduate Fellowship to continue her studies in our French and Francophone Studies M.A. program. Cheyanne has been a truly outstanding student in upper-level classes in German Studies as well as French Studies.
Daniel H. Magilow (German) presented the paper “The Spectacular and The Banal: On the Visual Logic of the Illustrierter Beobachter” at the conference “Print Matters – Histories of Photography in Illustrated Magazines” at the New York Public Library, April 8–9.
Daniel H. Magilow

Annachiara Mariani

Annachiara Mariani (Italian) published an article in Journal of Literature and Art Studies, Vol. 6, Issue 5, May 2016, titled “New Existentialism: The Literary inetto as a Reemerging Prototype in Twenty-First Century Cinema”. She also presented a paper at the annual AAIS (American Association of Italian Studies) conference at LSU in Baton Rouge entitled: The antithetical coherence in Sorrentino’s Youth: Visual (ab)use and Male Dominance.
Anne-Hélène Miller (French and Francophone Studies) is the recipient of a Professional Development Award and a Riggsby Travel Fellowship that will allow her to conduct research in France and Italy this summer. She is also invited to give two talks this summer, one at the Université du Maine, France, as part of an interdisciplinary colloquium on the concept of Europe in the Middle Ages titled "Géographies vécues, géographies rêvées: les Europes de Philippe de Mézières" and another talk at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona as part of a journée d'études on Late Medieval translations in French, titled " La translatio culturelle en question chez Nicole Oresme "
Anne-Hélène Miller
UTK College Scholars Seal

John Romeiser (French and Francophone Studies) has received an advance contract from the University of Tennessee Press for a book, The Names on the Walls: Their Lives, Their Service, Their Sacrifice: The East Tennessee Veterans Memorial. In addition, he has been named interim director of the Language and World Business Program effective this August.
Rossy Toledo (Hispanic Studies) has been invited to participate in a Round Table Panel at next year’s Modern Language Association meeting (Philadelphia, January 2017) on Languages for Specific Purposes. She will be sharing her experiences teaching Spanish for Communication Majors: Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism and New Media.
Rossy Toledo

Language and World Business Student Association

LWBSA at Ronald McDonald House
LWBSA at the rock
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LWBSA students participated in the last two activities for this semester. One was providing a complete meal for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The other was painting the UT Rock. We are very appreciative of their efforts to contribute to the Knoxville community, as well as planning activities to promote fellowship among all students. We look forward to next semester. Go LWBSA!

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi
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The Alpha Psi Chapter of the Sigma Delta Pi Hispanic Honor Society held its annual initiation ceremony April 14 at the Copper Cellar, and two graduate students and seven undergraduates joined the organization. The event was organized by Ángela Pérez and Andrea Perales, student officers, in collaboration with Dr. Luis Cano, who is the Chapter Advisor.


Vernacular: New Connections in Language, Literature, & Culture — MFLL's online graduate student journal — is pleased to announce the recent publication of its inaugural volume, which can be found at http://trace.tennessee.edu/vernacular/

Congratulations are due to Haley Osborn (Editor-in-Chief) and Melanie LaFoy (Associate Editor) for their excellent work on the inaugural volume, which features articles by graduate students from the CUNY Graduate Center, the University of Notre Dame, Loyola University of Chicago, as well as our very own Joanna Merkel (Ph.D. student in French).

MFLL graduate students have elected Nicolas Portugal (Ph.D. student in French) and Catherine Greer (Ph.D. student in German) as the new Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor, respectively, for the next volume.

News from the Italian Program

Renée D’Elia-Zunino
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The Italian Club received two awards at the Division of Student Life Recognition Ceremony for Large Student Organization of the Yearand for Student Organization Advisor of the year (the latter won by Renée Delia-Zunino)


News from the Japanese Program

The 10th annual UT Japanese Speech Contest was held April 5 at the International House. Students, friends, family, and exchange students from Japan participated in the event. A total of eighteen contestants from three different levels competed for the top prize, and there were some impressive presentations. In addition to speeches by individual contestants, each class performed a Japanese song. Door prizes included donated Knoxville Asian Festival T-shirts and all sorts of Japanese food. Photos and video clips can be viewed here.

Students' activities:

Jonathon Ferrell won a Consulate General Award for most interesting speech among the 3rd year level students for his speech entitled "Learning about Japan through Cuisine"「日本料理で日本を知る」 at the Tennessee Area Japanese Speech Contest, April 2016

Yuki Minami was a semi-finalist for the prestigious Critical Language Scholarship Program offered by the U.S. State Department.

The UTK Japanese Culture Association, led by its president Yuki Minami, had a very active year in 2015-2016.

News @

New Support System Pilot — The LRC staff are popular, and popularity comes at a price. We make house calls to fix problems and go to committee meetings, but that means we may not be in our office when you make an impromptu visit. We have a large volume of great requests and cries for help coming from several different forms of communication and keeping them all perfectly organized and communicated with has become increasingly difficult. We would like to more clearly see emerging patterns of support use that will allow us to sort through common problems with a good knowledgeable and see, for example, if a certain piece of bad hardware is generating frustration with instructors. We would also like to be able to run reports to see how we are utilizing our time in order to find ways to help you help us…to help you.

We have found a support tracking system that we believe will allow us do all of this while improving our communication with you. It will allow us to consolidate all of our support queries coming from email, phone, or now even chat and social media into a single place where you can send messages 24/7, making sure that your great request or cry for help doesn't fall through the cracks. We can reduce your wait time and help you help yourself by creating a knowledge base of common problems and pedagogical ideas that is available whenever you need it, and we will provide a community forum where you can share your thoughts and ideas with the LRC…and each other. We are piloting this tracking system now and will continue to pilot during the Summer Semester, where we will see what works, what doesn’t, and how we can use the system to improve services.

We will have an extensive presentation on the new system during the Fall Preservice so everyone will know how to use it in a way that suits them. For now, all support requests (be they technological, pedagogical, or if you just need help checking out equipment or reserving an LRC room) can be emailed to lrc@utk.edu, or you can use the chat window on lrc.utk.edu, our telephone numbers (4-1435 and 4-6494, which will cycle over to the support system if we are away), the LRC support portal, the Support tab on our Facebook page, or by direct messaging us on Twitter.

Office Hours — Much like instructors, the LRC will begin in Fall 2016 to have posted days and times where we can be expected to be in our offices available to you and to students. Like you, we expect that instructors and students who show up for those hours will have specific questions or concerns related to the technology they are using and how to make their burdens easier leveraging the technology. We will open up a survey during the summer to instructors and students to see when all would take advantage of these office hours, and we will announce those office hours during Preservice. Please keep an eye out for the survey this summer and respond if you would like to take advantage of LRC office hours.

Blackboard est mort. Vive Canvas!

Welcome to Canvas

As you already know, UTK will be rolling out our new LMS, Instructure's Canvas, beginning fall semester 2016. The LRC is committed to making this a smooth transition for MFLL facilty and realize that OIT will be overwhelmed with support requests. We will be developing opportunities for MFLL instructors to learn how to use Canvas, both through training sessions around MFLL Preservice and through individual consultations, including moving existing courses from Blackboard to Canvas when you are ready to start using the new LMS.


This is the final MFLL Newsletter for the 2015-2016 academic year. We will resume publication in August.

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