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Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

MFLL Monthly Newsletter


Dawn Duke (Hispanic Studies) published the review, Oshun’s Daughters: The Search for Womanhood in the Americas. W. K. Valdes, in Hispania. 98, 4 (December 2015): 838-839. While spending Christmas in Guyana she was invited to give a presentation at the University of Guyana: “The Black Consciousness Movement in Brazil: Cultural and Literary Configurations,” December 10. She also presented “Abdias do Nascimento, Quilombismo, and the Black Consciousness Movement in Brazil Today” at the Inaugural International Pan–African Colloquium held at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, January 12-15.
Dawn Duke

Catherine Greer (German) served as Scholar In Residence and Guest Recital at Temple B’nai Israel in West TN January 8–9 as part of their 130th anniversary celebration. She presented a vocal recital of Jewish music on Friday evening after services and then a lecture recital, “Music in Theresienstadt” Saturday morning.
Chris Holmlund (French and Francophone Studies) reports that with Sylvester Stallone nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Ryan Coogler’s Creed and a nostalgic favorite to win, she was recently interviewed by journalists in Poland and Spain about Stallone as a performer and star. (In 2014 she edited The Ultimate Stallone Reader for Wallflower/Columbia UP, contributing the introduction and an essay on Sly as an actor.) Her co-edited special journal issue for the Journal of Scandinavian Cinema (with Sweden's Elisabet Björklund and Germany's Annette Brauerhoch) — “Sexuality in Scandinavian Cinema” — is available online and will soon also appear in print.
Dawn Duke
Thorsten Huth (German) gave an invited lecture and workshop titled “Bridging frameworks: Researching and teaching L2 interactional competencies” at the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC), Rice University, Houston, TX, December 7-8.
Gregory Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) published the latest findings in his ongoing research project involving the birth of the Spanish language, “¿Qué se pretende decir cuando se habla del nacimiento de una lengua?: el caso del nacimiento del castellano,” in Medium Aevum 10 (2016): 37-53.
Gregory Kaplan
Anne-Hélène Miller

Anne-Hélène Miller (French and Francophone Studies) published an essay, “Inter-disciplinarité et trans–nationalisme,” in Perspectives médiévales: Revue d'épistémologie des langues et littératures du Moyen Âge 37: Le Moyen Age en Amérique du Nord. Edited by Sébastien Douchet et Jacqueline Cerquiglini–Toulet, January 2016, and presented at the MLA Convention as part of a roundtable panel, “1500 Are We Modern Yet?” The title of her own contribution was “History of the Language and the case for Middle French: 1300–1600.”
Àngela Pérez del Puerto (Hispanic Studies) defended her dissertation titled Más allá de las naciones. La defensa de la feminidad católica a través del proyecto educativo de Acción Católica en España y Estados Unidos (1940-1950) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain completing her Ph.D. there in Contemporary History with Honors.
Àngela Pérez del Puerto
Maria Stehle
Maria Stehle (German) participated in a workshop, “New Feminist and Queer Approaches to German Studies,” at the German Studies Association Conference in Washington DC, 2015. She also presented a paper at the Women in German conference in October 2015 in Banff, Canada titled “Adolescent Defiance and Feminist Critique in Germany's 21st Century Media Landscape.” In October, she published a co-edited volume on “Digital Feminisms: Transnational Activism in German Protest Cultures” in Feminist Media Studies for which she also co-wrote the introduction and conducted an artist interview. In January she started her position as book review editor for literature and culture for the journal German Studies Review.

MFLL Talent Show

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
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The MFLL Talent Show, “Fifteen Minutes of Fame,” will feature student performances from all language departments. Types of performances will include recitation of poems, songs, dances, skits, and more, that illustrate cultural associations of the languages studied. Performances will be evaluated on the quality of the performance itself and its value as a representation of language and culture, and there will be three winners awarded with prizes, and chosen by eight student judges and three faculty judges. The deadline for submission is February 5. Students who are interested in participating in performances should contact their language instructors. Please send your questions to Masha Kamyshkova.

News from Language and World Business

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Spencer Hinton and Brandon Sorrow, two LWB–Japanese students, were among the eleven students selected to be part of the youth exchange program, Kakehashi, between the United States and Japan and the UT Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy. They participated in a nine-day trip with all expenses paid that took place on December 14–22, 2015. This cultural exchange was provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The purpose of Kakehashi is to build a strong relationship with the United States and to improve the appeal of Japan’s culture and Japan as a whole to the American public. We are very proud that Spencer and Brandon were part of this wonderful and unique opportunity.

News from the Italian Program

bake for hearts
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February 12: Bake for Hearts.
The Italian Club will host a stand on the pedestrian walkway from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm selling all sorts of sweet treats for the Valentine’s Day aficionados (and non). Treats include homemade biscotti, torta alla nutella, merengue, pizzette, brownies, and more. All items sell for $1.00 a piece.

Italian Table
The Italian Table takes place on Mondays from 2:20 – 3:20 pm in Hodges Library — Starbucks area.

Italian Club Volunteers
The Italian Club members are volunteering at UT’s Early Learning Center for Research and Practice, and will bring preschoolers lots of fun activities in Italian during this semester.

Upcoming Events @

Beat the Next Snow Day with VoiceThread (Wed., Feb. 3, 7PM - 8PM online) In this workshop, you will learn how to create asynchronous conversations around course content so students can continue to learn and grow even when the university is closed.. Click here to register
The LRC Gadget "Geek-Out" (Tues., Feb. 9, 9:40 AM - 2:10 PM in AMB 2) We have a lot of gadgets for checkout to help you in your teaching and research. Come take the opportunity to drop in when you can to test drive what we have, and bring your own favorite gadgets or ideas for gadgets that you would like the LRC to buy! Click here to register
Teaching Languages with VoiceThread (Wed., Feb. 10, 7PM - 8PM online) In this interactive session, you will exchange ideas about creating learning experiences with VoiceThread around improved reading and writing skills, and come away better equipped to design innovative lessons to develop fundamental vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills with your students. Click here to register
Quizlet for Teachers (Tues., Feb. 25, 2:10 PM - 3:25 PM in AMB 2) Quizlet started in 2005 when a high-school student created it to help him study for his French class. It is now being used by the UT German section in a pilot project. Come see how you can engage your students with Quizlet’s free, powerful study tools. Click here to register

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The next MFLL Newsletter will appear Monday, February 29. Deadline for submissions will be 6:00 p.m., Sunday, February 28, and should be sent to jromeise@utk.edu.

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