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Good News


Rudyard Alcocer

Rudyard Alcocer (Hispanic Studies/French and Francophone Studies) presented a paper, “Consuming Slavery: Santiago de Cuba’s ‘El Barracón’ Restauranta,” at the 10th Cuban Research Institute Conference on Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. Miami, FL, February 2014.

Mary Crum

Mary Crum (French and Francophone Studies) has been awarded the 2015–2106 Deauville, France Teaching Internship by the Alliance Française of Nashville.

Nuria Cruz-Camara

Nuria Cruz–Cámara’s (Hispanic Studies) new book has been published by Tamesis (Boydell and Brewer): La mujer moderna en los escritos de Federica Montseny (“The modern woman in the writings of Federica Montseny”).

Sébastien Dubreil

Sébastien Dubreil (French and Francophone Studies) attended the AAAL and TESOL conventions in Toronto, Canada and presented a paper, “Learning to pay attention: Mobile Devices, Linguistic Landscapes, and Transcultural Learning in the L2 Classroom.”

Les Essif

Les Essif’s (French and Francophone Studies) article, “Norodom Sihanouk: The ‘Unfinished’ Story of American Global Totalitarianism by Hélène Cixous and the Théâtre du Soleil,” has been published in Text and Presentation, 2014, Spring 2015, 151-64. He will be presenting the following paper at the National Comparative Drama Conference, March 26-29: “From Vinaver to Pommerat: The De-idealization of Capital and ‘Work as Business’ in Contemporary French Theatre.

Millie Gimmel

Millie Gimmel (Hispanic Studies) presented a paper, “On the History of Medicine in Colonial Mexico: Some methodological inquiries and conclusions,” at the conference of the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science in Jackson, Mississippi. In July she will travel to Montreal, Canada to present her work at the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publication.


Catherine Greer (German) received a Fellowship from the Rafael Schächter Institute for the Arts and Humanities in Prague and Terezin, Czech Republic. The institute will take place in May and focuses on the musical life of former concentration Theresienstadt. She will also have the opportunity to attend official commemoration events marking the 70th anniversary of the camp’s liberation.

On February 27, she presented a paper, “Blackface Performance in the Weimar Republic,” at the Southeastern German Studies workshop at Davidson College in Davidson, NC.

On March 13, she presented the paper, “Blackface and Blackness in the Weimar Republic: Negotiating Race in Jonny spielt auf,” at the Southeastern/Caribbean chapter meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology. The event was held at UT, and fellow PhD student Joy Hancock also presented a paper. Dr. Maria Stehle chaired the panel, “Exploring the Range: Musical Forms and Political Provocation on German and American Theater Stages.”

Gregory Kaplan

Gregory Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) has been invited to present a plenary lecture, “The Dissemination of Sephardic Sectarianism via Sem Tob’s Proverbios morales,” at “The Cleric’s Craft: Crossroads of Medieval Spanish Literature and Modern Critique” conference to be held from October 21-25, 2015, in El Paso, Texas.

Daniel H. Magilow

Daniel H. Magilow (German) has had several research accomplishments this past month. His book The Photography of Crisis: The Photo Essays of Weimar Germany (Pennsylvania State, University Press, 2012) was re-released this past month in paperback. His new co-authored work Holocaust Representations in History: An Introduction (Bloomsbury, 2015) is now available as an eBook and in the UK. It will appear in paperback in the US in April. Dr. Magilow also presented the paper “April Fools in Weimar: Photography and Crisis in the Illustrierten” at the conference “Weimar Photography in Context: Seriality, Sequentiality, Narrativity,” Wadham College, University of Oxford on March 25.

Lisa Y.F. Parker

Lisa Y.F. Parker (Assistant Director of Language and World Business) was the Plenary Speaker at the 7th Annual TFLTA Regional Annotated Workshop that took place at Webb School of Knoxville on Saturday, March 28. Dr. Parker gave an overview presentation of the LWB Program to more than 70 regional world language instructors.

John Romeiser

John Romeiser (French and Francophone Studies) presented an invited paper, “Zealous Enforcement: The Vichy Government and Jewish Racial Laws” (1940-1942) at the conference, “Legally Blind: Law, Ethics, and the Third Reich,” Boston College, March 10.

Dolly Young

Dolly Young (Hispanic Studies) gave a presentation titled "Rethinking Curricular Practices in Intermediate Spanish Programs" at the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) conference in Toronto, Canada, March 20-22.

Katie Bevins

Susan Edmundson

The College of Arts and Sciences has accepted “Online Summer Course Redesign” proposals from Katie Bevins, Lecturer of French, and Susan Edmundson, Senior Lecturer of French. Bevins will redesign French 111, while Edmundson will redesign French 211. Both online courses will be offered in the summer of 2015.

Michael Handelsman

Congratulations are in order to Michael Handelsman (Hispanic Studies), who has received the L. R. Hesler Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service, established to honor Dr. L. R. Hesler, a man known for his outstanding teaching abilities and his service to the university community. Dr. Hesler was an internationally respected scientist and was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for many years. In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Hesler was also known for his deep appreciation of the arts, his enthusiasm for sports, and his many contributions of service to the university.

Maria Stehle

Congratulations are in order as well to Maria Stehle (German), who has received the Thomas Jefferson Prize, established through an endowment by an anonymous donor who wanted to recognize tenured or tenure-track faculty who have demonstrated excellence in research and creative activity or made other significant achievements that might not be recognized in the usual university reward system.

The awards will be officially announced at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet on Wednesday, April 8.


Campus Visit


Peter Thomae

At left: Peter Thomae, Purchasing Specialist, VW-Chattanooga.

On February 27, Peter Thomae, Purchasing Specialist at Volkswagen, spoke to a group of approximately 30 UT German students and faculty about the automotive industry in general, sustainability initiatives at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga facility, and paid summer internships for students, particularly those with German language abilities.


News from the Italian Section



UT Italian students and lecturers Annachiara Mariani and Renée D’Elia-Zunino at the NHC Fort Sanders Nursing Facility.


On March 2nd the Italian Club volunteered for the first time this semester at the NHC Fort Sanders Nursing Facility. The elder residents spent a lively hour playing “tombola” (Italian style bingo), and listening to a presentation on the region Calabria, while watching slides.

The volunteer work is part of a project conducted by Blakely Jones, a Therapeutic Recreation intern at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, who is completing a volunteer manual consisting of volunteers from UT to be of assistance to the NHC facility. If any other language club would like to volunteer 2 or 3 times a semester, the facility is accepting new groups. For more information, you can contact Ms. Jones directly at

On March 28th, Annachiara Mariani and Renée D’Elia-Zunino presented at the TFLTA East Tennessee Regional Workshop, and held the following workshop: Language Immersion Classes, Days, or Weekends: Modeling Study Abroad at Home—Always a Study Abroad Experience!

April 10-12 is the date for the Italian Immersion Weekend, to be held at Grace Point Camp in Kingston, TN. Please check out the website here.


News from the Japanese Section


The 9th annual UT Japanese Speech Contest was held on March 25th at the International House. In addition to our students, we welcomed friends, family, and exchange students from Japan. Each class performed a Japanese song they had prepared. The best class will be singing at the MFLL End-of-Year Ceremony in May. A total of 14 contestants from 3 different levels competed for the top prize. There was a demonstration of Japanese martial art, Kendo, by the UTK Kendo Club. Students also signed up for the newly organized Japanese Cultural Association. Door prizes included donated Sushi kits, Japanese sweets, books and dictionaries. Inarizushi, a kind of sushi without fish, was prepared by student volunteers under the guidance of lectures. A great time was had by all.


Upcoming Events


The MFLL Soccer Tournament

The MFLL Soccer Tournament will be Wednesday, April 8, from 4–6, UTK Regal Soccer Stadium. There will be eight teams (Arabic and Japanese will play together). And this year we will follow a Round Robin format where all teams will play two games and then the best two teams will play the final game. There will be two gifts baskets, one for the winning team and one for the best supporters / cheering (audience) team. Please encourage your students to participate in the game and to attend the tournament. We hope that you also attend the tournament and cheer for your language team.

The MFLL Soccer Tournament


The final MFLL newsletter for the 2014-2015 academic year will be published Monday, May 3. Submissions should be sent to John Romeiser ( no later than 6:00 p.m., Sunday, May 2.

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