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Dawn Duke (Hispanic Studies, Portuguese) published: "La mujer negra y el popularismo cubano en María Antonia de Eugenio Hernández Espinosa." Revista de Lenguas Modernas no. 17 julio-diciembre 2012. 23-39.

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In December 2012 Chris Holmlund (French and Francophone Studies) presented the closing, invited keynote address at the inaugural Celebrity Studies Conference in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to assessing the state of Celebrity Studies today, she talked about Swedish newspaper coverage, 2008-2012, of "Brand Arnold: In Transition, In Place." She emphasized that celebrity is NOT the same the world over, drawing on additional documentation from select Latin American, French African, and Israeli papers during the same period. UTK MFLL PhD student Amevi Bocco kindly provided documentation of the utter lack of coverage of Arnold Schwarzenegger in four African-language Togolese newspapers, as well.

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Daniel H. Magilow (German) presented the paper "Why Are They Holding Your Manuscript Hostage?" as part of the professional development panel "Turning Your Dissertation Into a Book" at the 2013 Conference of the American Historical Association in New Orleans.

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Douja Mamelouk (French and Francophone Studies, Arabic) organized a panel titled "Tunisia's Forgotten Literary Avant-Garde" at the Middle East Studies Association (November 2012) annual conference in Denver, CO. She presented "Ali Du'aji and Al-'alam Al-adabi: A Voice of the Tunisian Avant-Garde under Colonial Rule."

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Mary McAlpin’s (French and Francophone Studies) article "Julie’s Breasts, Julie’s Scars: Physiology and Character in La Nouvelle Héloïse", first published in Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, has been reprinted in Literature Criticism From 1400 to 1800, vol. 198 (Detroit: Gale, 2012), 174-308.

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Noah Soltau (Ph.D. Candidate, German) published two translations in Theorizing Modernity as a Dynamic Process, edited by Harry F. Dahms and Lawrence Hazelrigg. They are entitled "Adorno, Advocate of the Non-Identical: An Introduction" and "Sociality-Normativity-Morality: The Explanatory Strategy of Günter Dux's Historico-Genetic Theory."



Bonjour et bonne année à tous! La table française est de retour cette semaine (le 17 janvier). Comme le semestre dernier elle a lieu le jeudi de 17 à 18 heures au Golden Roast. Pour de plus amples informations, contactez Béatrice Flamenbaum (bflamenb@tennessee.edu).


The UT Italian Club has organized our first MFLL Soccer Tournament! It will take place on Friday, April 4, from 4:00-7:00 pm at the UT Regal Stadium on campus, and all students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate. Complete info will follow via email in the next few days!

UT Club Italian Cinema Series Spring 2013
First movie of the semester: Jan. 28th- Notte prima degli esami oggi- 98 min, 2007 by Fausto Brizzi. Hodges Library 212 3:00-5:00 pm.

Italian Social Gathering
Join us on Friday, Feb. 1st @ Dead end Barbecue on Sutherland Ave, 6:30 pm. Open to students, instructors, and Italian affezionati in general!

Italian Table
Every Friday at 11:00 am at Starbucks in Hodges Library.




This past semester, the LRC welcomed almost 1,200 students who collectively paid a total of over 6,000 visits to the Center for everything from testing and homework to classes and social activities. We look forward to serving even more students in this Spring Semester!


The LRC offers curricular support for language technology as a method of enriching instruction and encouraging productivity and good pedagogical outcomes for faculty. To that end, the Center offers 13 scheduled workshops for faculty throughout each semester. Visit http://lrc.utk.edu/teach/workshops.shtml for general details on these scheduled workshops. Upcoming workshop dates and times will be advertised here and emailed directly to MFLL faculty as dates approach.


The LRC has exciting technologies such as 323link, Zoom and Swivl that are especially adept at providing rewindable learning artifacts of past classes for students. In addition, there are active, learner-centered pedagogical strategies teachers can use both inside and outside of the classroom with these technologies. On Thursday, January 17 from 1PM to 3PM in AMB 3, the LRC will present, discuss and share ways to use 323link, Zoom and Swivl in the classroom, including, but not limited to, having students and teachers create bite-sized tutorials and individual or small-group presentations; showcasing ways teachers and students can give feedback on projects; building student-created digital resource libraries; and much more.

Feel free to drop in unannounced if you find the time, but if you are already planning to be there, drop Doug a line and let him know.


On Thursday January 24 from 1PM to 3PM in AMB 3, we will focus on effective iPad innovation from both a conceptual and practical standpoint as we demonstrate the use of the mobile iPad classroom housed within the LRC. We will first explore ways in which iPads can be used to consume content, focusing on reading, research, and accessing multimedia. Next, we will focus on what students and teachers can do with iPad. From creating audio, video, and screencasts to digital notebooks and eBooks, we will look at some of the most intriguing apps on the iPad. Finally, we will examine strategies and best practices for curating innovative learning environments that leverage the digital content created by students and teachers. Feel free to bring your own iPad or mobile device, or you can use a device from the mobile iPad classroom for the workshop.

Feel free to drop in unannounced if you find the time, but if you are already planning to be there, drop Doug a line and let him know.


The LRC has sophisticated voice trackers and microphone jackboxes that allow both students and instructors to produce high-quality, highly engaging podcasts with relative ease. On Wednesday, January 30 from 1PM to 3PM in AMB 3, the LRC will present, discuss and share ways to bring each of the elements of a great podcast together, and publish them to Blackboard, iTunesU, VoiceThread and other venues.

Feel free to drop in unannounced if you find the time, but if you are already planning to be there, drop Doug a line and let him know.



The next MFLL newsletter will be published February 4, 2013. The deadline for submission of news items is 6:30 p.m., February 3. Please send news items to John Romeiser (jromeise@utk.edu).

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