Véronique Bell (French and Francophone Studies) presented "La littérature québécoise : exclusion et aliénation; Étude de la littérature du terroir et du Mythe de Maria Chapdelaine", at the 6th Annual Conference of Graduate Students at Louisiana State University, March 2-3.

Stephen Blackwell's (Russian Studies) co-edited book project, a collection of Nabokov's scientific drawings and essays by literary and scientific specialists, has been offered a contract by Yale University Press.  The co-editor is Dr. Kurt Johnson, a lepidopterist who has worked on extending Nabokov's scientific legacy.  The book should appear in 2014 or 2015.

Amevi Bocco (French and Francophone Studies) presented "Littérature et impasse politique: L'écriture engagée, la voie par excellence du salut?", at the Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, in Rochester, New York, March 15-18.

Sara Gottardi (Hispanic Studies) presented "Sending Mixed Signals about Code-switching" at the Carson-Newman 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Symposium on Language on March 14.

Other participants (all from Hispanic Studies) at the Carson-Newman symposium were Andrew M. Ray, who chaired a panel, "Language, Identity, and Resistance in Latin American Literature", and presented "The Language of Nature as a Mechanism of Resistance and Inclusion in Los papeles de Silvio Víctor", Janelle Coleman, who presented "'Yo soy pachuco. ¿Y qué?': Chicano Caló as a Weapon of Resistance and Reaffirmation of Autonomous Identity", and Lisa Ybonne Figueroa on "Puerto Rican Identity with a Language Twist."

Noriko J. Horiguchi's (Japanese and Asian Studies) monograph, Women Adrift: The Literature of Japan's Imperial Body, was published by the University of Minnesota Press in December 2011. This book won the Japan Foundation Book Subvention Award. Both the short and long descriptions of the book and editorial reviews can be read at:

Her translation of a text by Yoshihiro Nakatani, "Redefining Print as Fine Art", appeared in the catalog of the 2012 exhibition Redefining the Multiple: 13 Japanese Printmakers, organized by the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, The University of Tennessee. (p. 3-5). Horiguchi also gave a talk titled "Contemporary Japan: Gender and Demography" on February 23 during Japan Week.

Ennio Nuila (French and Francophone Studies) presented "L'identité homosexuelle comme construction du sujet aliéné pendant le Siècle des Lumières", at the 6th Annual Conference of Graduate Students at Louisiana State University, March 2-3.

Stefanie Ohnesorg (German Studies) presented " 'Der Beduine' als Projektionsfläche weiblicher Begierden: Männlichkeitsphantasien in Orient-Reiseberichten von Frauen vom 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart" at the annual meeting of the Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Germanistik (Association for Intercultural German Studies)  in Kyoto (Japan) March 14. She also presented a paper, "Imagined Masculinities in Ida von Hahn-Hahn's Orientalischen Briefen", at the Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Rochester, NY, March 17.

Alex Tullock (BA, Russian, 2010) will enroll in the PhD program in Slavic Languages and Literatures at Harvard University in Fall 2012.


Eric Naiman — University of California, Berkeley  (Professor of Comparative Literature and Slavic Languages and Literatures)
Tuesday, March 27, 4pm; McClung Tower 1210-1211.

This semester's French theatre workshop will present a French-language performance based loosely on the theme of "Art and Style," as it is developed in the following plays, which will be presented in tandem: Yasmina Reza's «Art» and Raymond Queneau's «Exercices de style». The performance will take place Wednesday, April 25, 4:30-5:30, in McClung Tower 1210/11. More information to follow.

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