The Linguistics Program received a "Ready for the World" grant to support a public talk by renowned linguist Derek Bickerton, Professor Emeritus from The University of Hawaii, who gave a well-attended lecture April 20 on "Language Evolution and Human Evolution." The lecture was also sponsored by a number of Arts and Sciences Departments, including MFLL, Linguistics, English, Psychology, Africana Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, EEB, History and Anthropology. Dolly Young (Spanish) and Jeff Mellor (German) were the grant writers.

Both German students Ariel Brassil and Tara Goverdhan received Fulbright teaching internship for Austria for the coming year. That makes three Fulbright teaching internships for our German graduates in Germany and Austria for the coming year.

Luciana Prestes Bean (Spanish) presented "Desconstruyendo esteriotipos y estableciendo nuevas imágenes para Chica da Silva''at the 64th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky at Lexington, April 14-16.

Fatima Buchert's (French, Portuguese) essay, "'Chus t'un homme!' Possibilities of Masculinity in the Theatre of Michel Tremblay" has been published in the collection "Masculinities in Twentieth- and Twenty- First Century French and Francophone Literature" (May 2011, Cambridge Scholars Publishing), Her paper titled "Le Personnage gai dans deux pièces de Michel Tremblay" has been accepted at the 25e Congrès Mondial du Conseil International d'Études Francophones (May 29-June 5, 2011 at Aix-en-Provence, France).

Lori Celaya (Spanish) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho. We wish her all the best.

Leonel Glees (Spanish) presented "Sirena Selena vestida de pena: travestismo como una identidad de 'Caos' y poder" at the 64th Annual Kentucky Foerign Language Conference, University of Kentucky at Lexington, April 14-16.

For 23 years Carla Greibert, First-Year Spanish Course Manager, has been either a student or lecturer at UT. She was admitted to UTK in the fall of 1988, received her BA and MA in Spanish and has worked as a lecturer since the completion of her MA. This summer she will be moving to Nashville. We thank her for her many years of excellent teaching and service to the university.

We bid farewell to Jason Pettigrew, first year Spanish Supervisor, who has accepted a position at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. His role as First-Year Spanish Supervisor these past two years and his contributions to the development of the online portion of the hybrid courses merit recognition.

Dolly Young (Spanish) and Jason Pettigrew (Spanish) gave a full day workshop for Spanish GTA's and lecturers over the new first-year hybrid courses that will be implemented in fall 2011. The workshops were well attended. Additional training will be provided during the MFLL August Preservice Workshops, August 8-12.

Maria Stehle presented "Social Justice and the University" April 30 at a conference on campus for a panel on "teaching Social Justice." Her talk was based on her publications on teaching spaces titled "Teaching Spaces: A Critical Reflection on Using Spatial Exploration Exercises as Teaching Tools." She will accompany a group of thirteen students on a faculty-led study abroad to Berlin in May.

Rossy Toledo (Spanish) was invited to read her poetry at the IM-MIGRANT ARTISTS AND SCHOLARS IN NEW YORK (IASNY) event at the Nuyorican Poets Café, NYC on April 17. IASNY is an alliance of outstanding people working in the arts and academia who are committed to support, nurture and advocate for immigrant voices as a vital and vibrant part of the New York City community.

On May 6 the Graduate students of the MFLL Department (French, Germain, Spanish) organized a cookout to celebrate the end of Semester in harmony. The Grill was sponsored by the Department upon the initiative of the Graduate representatives in order to bring the MFLL Departement graduate students and faculty together. It was a great success!


Thursday, May 12, 2011
@1:30 pm
Black Cultural Center, Multipurpose Room
1800 Melrose Avenue

Refreshments will be served!


As was discussed during the second MFLL Spring Technology Roundtable on April 7, the LRC is now closed as we move into our new home. It will take longer than expected to physically move and set up in our new location. We plan to open AMB 1 by Monday, June 6, with the rest of the facility (AMB 002-020) coming online as the summer progresses. All facilities will be operational by the commencement of Fall Semester 2011. More information will become available at when the website becomes operational near the beginning of the second summer session. The site will include details on our new reservations and access systems. In the meantime, check out our progress on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr! You can find links to all of those feeds now, at

If you have any questions about the LRC, please contact Doug at


This is the final MFLL newsletter for this academic year. We will resume publication in August 2011.

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