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MFLL Monthly Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter



Dr. Thorsten Huth’s (German) article “Testing interactional competence: Patterned yet dynamic aspects of L2 interaction” appeared in the journal Papers in Language Testing and Assessment as part of the special issue “Where Conversation Analysis meets Language Assessment” edited by Soo Jung Youn & Alfred Burch. Dr. Thorsten Huth
Dr. Annachiara Mariani Dr. Annachiara Mariani (Italian) presented a paper at the SAMLA e-conference on November 24, 2020. The title of her presentation was “Medici TV Series: How Italian History Becomes Relevant Today.” In her talk she argued that audiovisual history has not only been a frequent topic in television programs, but also a preferred mode of popularizing the lessons of history among the masses.


Rossy Toledo (Hispanic Studies) is available during the next couple of weeks for individual consultations to get your courses ready for the Spring.

Rossy Toledo

Her current areas of expertise are:
Canvas course design, Zoom sessions, Break-out Room Activities, Engagement Strategies (Synchronous and Asynchronous), Online Teaching Best Practices. Canvas Studio, Assessment Tools: Studio Quizzes, and Canvas New Quizzes.
Please click this link to schedule a consultation.


Banner Design Contest — The Chinese Culture Club hosted a banner design contest to represent their own organization. The winner of the competition will be announced in December, 2020. This event was sponsored by the office of Asia Engagement.

Banner Design Contest Banner Design Contest

Chinese Martial Arts Workshop — Dan Wang (Chinese) invited Dr. Michael Smith to host a Virtual Chinese Martial Arts Workshop for her Elementary Chinese students on Nov 20. This workshop was part of UTK International Education Week, and it was open to the public. In this workshop, students learned some of the fundamentals and movements of both internal Chinese martial arts — Tai Chi — and external Chinese martial arts — Wushu. Michael Smith, who led this workshop, has taught Chinese martial arts locally for 15 years, has won 9 gold medals in international competitions in China, and arranges martial arts performances at many local events. This event was sponsored by MFLL.

Chinese Martial Arts Workshop Chinese Martial Arts Workshop


Florence Abad–Turner (French), and her third-year French classes will start a weekly, virtual exchange in the Spring 2021 with Science Po, Bordeaux, France. The Political Science Institute requires students to be fluent in English. With that in mind, Florence reached out to the public higher institution and discussed the possibility of a virtual exchange. It was very well received during this time of pandemic, and both parties will engage their students in fruitful discussions on current events. This exchange will continue in the Fall 2021, and will also include 405-French for Business.

Florence Abad-Turner

Methods Workshop - Renée D'Elia-Zunino Methods Workshop Explores Kahoot!The MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop concluded the Fall Semester series in November with a workshop by Renée D'Elia-Zunino (Italian) on using Kahoot! for foreign language instruction. Renée discussed the pedagogic evidence of the benefits of games in the language classroom and how easily Kahoot! can be deployed to achieve those benefits.

Panopto Panopto is here! — Panopto is a cloud-based service that allows you to record, share, review, and edit video captures from your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. As a reminder, Panopto will replace Mediasite as the go-to video system for the campus beginning with the Spring Semester. You will have seamless Canvas and Zoom integration as well as support for 360• and VR video! You will also be able to search recordings for what is said aloud and what is displayed in PowerPoint slides. All Mediasite content will be automatically transferred to Panopto, but re-linking of previous Mediasite content will be required. Submit a ticket if you would like us to assist you with that!


Panopto: How to Pre-record Lectures and Create Course Content (Fri., Dec. 4, 1–2:30 PM, This workshop will introduce you to Panopto, our new lecture capture system that you can use to either record a lecture live in the classroom or pre-record a lecture for viewing outside of class. Panopto is a user-friendly platform that interfaces directly with Canvas and Zoom. You will learn how to record, manage, edit, and distribute content. With Panopto, you'll be able to host your lecture recordings, digitized films and supplemental videos, and other course-related videos used for instruction while managing all of it within Canvas.
Click here to register
Canvas: Assignments, Assessments, and Grades (Mon., Dec. 7, 1:30–3 PM, This workshop will focus on the Canvas assessment tools (Assignments and Quizzes) you can use to track and/or improve student learning. You will also learn the relationship between Canvas assessments and the grade book. You'll go beyond the nuts and bolts of assessment creation and management by learning about many best practices and helpful hints that can contribute toward a better, more efficient online experience for both you and your students.
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Instructor Training for LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor: Prevent Cheating During Online Exams (Tues., Dec. 8, 3—4 PM, online) With exams going online, this comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who need to better understand how LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor works with their online exams. The training will cover:
  • How to use LockDown Browser to prevent digital cheating in proctored testing environments
  • How to use Respondus Monitor in non-proctored environments, to protect exam integrity and confirm student identity
  • The student perspective using each application
  • Efficient review of the assessment data collected, including the Review Priority system, timeline, and milestone features
  • Best practices and tips for success with both applications
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Online Training of the Month: Canvas...Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Canvas provides a variety of ways for you to engage with your students in an online class. This course shows how to customize Canvas to create a more collaborative classroom. Learn how to communicate by posting video announcements and holding video conferences. Discover how to assess and grade students using rubrics and the SpeedGrader feature. Explore strategies for keeping files organized, including how to embed multimedia and use ePortfolios. Find out how to check if your content is meeting accessibility guidelines, and then how to make essential adjustments. Additionally, this course covers how to optimize content, integrate with other applications, and more.
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News in Slow — Now here’s a completely different type of podcast! Offered for Spanish, French, German and Italian, this podcast series takes brief clips of real news broadcasts in the target language and slows them down. And if you’re teaching Spanish, you can choose between Latin American and European Spanish!
Click here to listen


miro Miro: the online collaborative whiteboard — You know those moments when you’re teaching in the classroom and you’re drawn to the whiteboard to explain something that can only be explained with a visual aid? One of the biggest challenges when you move online is how you can do this without actually drawing something on paper and holding it up...
Miro solves that problem. It’s an online whiteboard that you and students can see and edit at the same time. It’s a space where you can write text, share webpages, and attachments and draw all over everything to annotate as needed.


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