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MFLL Monthly Newsletter


Gregory Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) published a book chapter, “The East–West Trajectory of Sephardic Sectarianism: From Ibn Daud to Spinoza,” in Remapping Travel Narratives, 1000–1700 (Amsterdam UP/Arc Humanities P 2018): pp. 201-216.
Gregory Kaplan
Phillip W. Stokes
Phillip W. Stokes (Arabic) co–authored a journal article about nominal case marking in the earliest manuscripts of the Qur’ān. The authors argue based on the orthography of the earliest manuscripts of the Qur’ān that the language represented therein is substantially different from the Classical Arabic that it is usually equated with: Stokes, P. and M. van Putten. 2018. “Case in the Qur’ānic Consonantal Text,” in WZKM 108, pp. 143-179.


CCC at the International Festival — The Chinese Culture Club organized a culture tent and sold bubble tea and t–shirts to raise funds for the club’s future events. Dr. Yen–Chen Hao and Ms. Dan Wang taught students how to make bubble tea the day before the International Festival. The bubble tea sale was a success. The CCC introduced the club to new students who were unaware of CCC’s presence on UT campus. The success of the event was due to the collaborative effort of CCC members, including newly–joined freshman members. It is important that the CCC continues its participation at UT’s annual International Festival for the positive impacts it has on both the club and the UT community.

CCC participation in the International Festival
CCC participation in the International Festival
Moon Festival celebration — On Sep 28, 2018, students from the Chinese Program performed a Chinese song and one C pop dance at the Moon Festival celebration hosted by the Confucius Institute at UTK. One student also served as the M.C. The event attracted 300 attendees and was a good opportunity for our students to showcase their Chinese skills.

Moon Festival celebration
Moon Festival celebration


Lecture (in German) Wortgeschichten als Kulturgeschichte: Entwicklungen am Beispiel von Nachhaltigkeit, dissen und Kult im Deutschen — Prof. Dr. Beate Henn–Memmesheimer (em.) Seminar für Deutsche Philologie, Universität Mannheim. Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018 — 2:15 – 3:30 pm — 1210 McClung Tower. An informal meeting with Prof. Henn–Memmesheimer for students and all others interested is planned for Wednesday, Oct. 3 over the lunch hour, tentatively planned from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.
Exhibit — Mapping ‘Knoxville’ Across Time, Media, and Cultures: Tracing Unexplored Connections between the Work of Cormac McCarthy, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, and Buddy and the Huddle. Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018 — 3:30 pm — Commons, 2nd Floor Hodges Library. Reception 4:00–5:00 — Mary Greer Room.
Film Screening — Swiss Rebel. Annemarie Schwarzenbach 1908-1942 by Carole Bonstein (Switzerland / France, September 2000). French with English subtitles (56 min.). First film of the Fall 2018 Annemarie Schwarzenbach Film Series — Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 - 6:30 – 8:00 pm - Hodges Library Auditorium.
Lecture: Looking Daring – Daring to Look: Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s Journeys of Discovery — Dr. Erika Berroth, Associate Professor of German Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX — Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018 — 6:00 – 7:30 pm — Hodges Library Auditorium.
Workshop: Intercultural Knowledge and Competence – Exploring Connections: Making Meaning of Foreign and Familiar Matters — Dr. Erika Berroth, Associate Professor of German, Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX — Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018 — 2:00 – 5:00 pm — 253 Hodges Library.
Film Screening — Journey to Kafiristan by Fosco and Donatello Dubini (Germany / Switzerland / Netherlands, 2001) — German with English subtitles (101 min.) 2nd film of the Fall 2018 Annemarie Schwarzenbach Film Series) — Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018 — 2:30 – 4:30 pm — Hodges Library Auditorium.
Film Screening — My Name is Annemarie Schwarzenbach by Véronique Aubouy (France, 2015) — French with English subtitles (85 min.) 3rd film of the Fall 2018 Annemarie Schwarzenbach Film Series. Director Véronique Aubouy will be present and introduce her film. She will also be available for a discussion following the screening. Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018 — 2:30 – 4:30 pm — Hodges Library Auditorium.
For more information about German events in October, contact Prof. Stefanie Ohnesorg


The Italian undergraduate minor Marcella Tocco has been selected as a representative of the Italian culture and the Italian Club at UTK, for the NIAF Italian American Leadership Council (IALC) Fellow Program. Marcella went through a rigorous selection. NIAF was looking for 15 Italian American college students that are active in their Italian clubs to help create a unified strategy to organizing and managing their Italian/Italian American organizations. The goal of NIAF on Campus is to support the engagement of future generations of Italian Americans in the leadership of our community, bringing together the most active student leaders throughout the nation.Tocco’s award consists of:
  • Roundtrip travel expenses (i.e. airfare or train fare) for student to Washington, D.C. on the weekend of October 12th-October 13th
  • Two-night hotel accommodation at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.
  • Free access to all NIAF Gala Weekend Events including the Friday night event and Saturday night 43nd Anniversary Gala Dinner
  • NIAF’s financial support for Italian American cultural programming on university campuses.
Marcella Tocco
Italian activities coming up:
  • Italian table: every Tuesday, 6–7 pm at the International House.
  • Italian Club Meetings: every other Wednesday at 2:30pm., Hodges Library, Starbucks area (next meeting will be Oct. 3rd).
  • Italian Immersion Day: Saturday, Oct.27, 2018, 9:30am–5:00pm at TN School for the Deaf, Knoxville. $5 participation fee.


The Brazilian Film Series continues with the feature Mutum. Dir. Sandra Kogut, 2007. A boy is forced to confront separations and betrayal within his home in the arid backlands of Minas Gerais. English subtitles, 1h35min. Wednesday,October 10, 4:00 pm. at the Hodges Library auditorium. Free and open to the public.

Brazilian Film Series: Mutum
The Portuguese Table (Bate-Papo) is meeting on Fridays, 6:00-7:30 pm. at the Golden Roast Café, 825 Melrose. For information: esilva@utk.edu



LWBSA officers: The LWB program would like to welcome and congratulate the recurrent and new* LWBSA officers:
  • *President — Madison Rinio, LWB-Chinese, Senior
  • Vice-President — Sarah Hoffmann, LWB-Hispanic Studies, Senior
  • Treasurer — Brooklyn Battle, LWB-Chinese, Senior
  • *Secretary — Ella Ott, LWB-Japanese, Sophomore
  • *Public Relations and Media — Hannah Johnson, LWB-Japanese, Sophomore
LWB Recruiting Efforts — Lisa Parker was invited to present the Language and World Business Program and all MFLL opportunities at Farragut High School on September 18, 2018. The activity was organized by Farragut’s World Language Chair, Mrs. Allison Maldonado. There were more than 125 students from Spanish, German, and French, as well as Business courses, and the respective faculty members. Students and faculty were very engaged in the final Q & A portion of the presentation. We look forward to continue the outreach of K–12 students.

LWB at Farragut High School
Big Orange Preview — Saturday, September 29, 2018. An estimate of 776 high–school students from in–state and out–of–state registered to learn more about UTK and the many academic opportunities. Special thanks go to Hannah Johnson (LWB–Japanese), Jaime Ragos (LWB–Hispanic Studies), Lisa Parker (LWB Assistant Director), Brooklyn Battle (LWB–Chinese), and Madison Rinio (LWB–Chinese) for sharing their experiences with potential LWB students (feature picture from L–R).

Big Orange Preview


MFLL Romance languages undergraduate majors are eligible for Mossman scholarships to participate in the Normandy Scholars Program. The Normandy Scholars Program is based out of MFLL. Students study World War II and its memory in a 3–credit spring seminar, which is followed by a 1–credit mini–term trip to Europe for which students receive a $3,000 scholarship. Please encourage your students to apply. For more info, contact the NSP Executive Director, Dr. Dan Magilow.


Farragut High School — Rodica Frimu (French), Maria Gallmeier (German / Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies), Lisa Parker (Spanish / Assistant Director of Language and World Business), Jenny Salata (French) and Dan Wang (Chinese) answered questions about our different language programs and LWB. This was the second time that MFLL had a table at the college fair organized for these students. We look forward to continuing this outreach initiative and expect to recruit some great students to our courses in the future!

MFLL at Farragut High School
MFLL at the International Festival at UT, Friday, Sep. 21, 2018 —
Check out the participation of MFLL at this year’s festival!
MFLL at the Big Orange Preview, Saturday, September 29, 2018 —
Maria Gallmeier (German/Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies), Lisa Parker (Spanish/Assistant Director of Language and World Business), Jae Resendes (Hispanic Studies/Portuguese) and Wanessa Velloso (Portuguese), hosted the MFLL and the LWB booths. Seven undergraduate students from LWB, Italian, Russian and the Spanish programs helped them to talk to high school students and their parents from Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas about MFLL programs. Several students were interested in minoring in Arabic and Japanese, majoring in Chinese, learning Hebrew and continuing their studies of Spanish, French and German with us. The Big Orange Preview is a recruiting event for in–state and out–of–state high school students. This year 776 high school students and 2,146 registered guests showed up for this event.

MFLL at the Big Orange Preview


Amazon Alexa
LRC Icon
Help us build the LRC Alexa skill! We are extremely fortunate to have a student worker who is able to program using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)! Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service and the brain behind tens of millions of devices including the Echo and FireTV family of devices we have here in the LRC. We are building skills that make Alexa smart in the things of the LRC and MFLL and make common LRC tasks faster, easier, and more delightful for students and teachers. As we reimagine the student and teacher experience with automated voice services, we need your help. We would love to hear your ideas on what questions Alexa should answer for you and your students. Please feel free to list as many as you can think of in this form. We appreciate any and all suggestions!
LTR Workshop–Robert Sauveur
LTR Methods Workshops — The MFLL Language Teaching Resources Methods Workshop series continued on September 20, as Robert Sauveur (Spanish) presented on “Small-Scale, Task-Based Assessment as an Alternative to Traditional Quizzes.”. The video from the workshop is archived on the LRC Facebook page and will soon make its way to the LTR Website. The series will continue with our second workshop on October 18th from 1PM to 2PM in the Telecollaoration and Seminar Room (AMB 2). Harriet Bowden (Spanish) will present on “Should I Let Students Use Computers in the Classroom?”. We will facilitate a Facebook live-feed of workshops, and will be experimenting with 180° and 360° livecasting as well. Modest refreshments will be provided. Have an idea for a presentation? Contact the Methods Workshop organizing team! [Laurent, Mia, Thorsten, Doug]. All are welcome.
Plex Drop–In — Get a handle on setting up your Plex profile, adding your students to your account, and connecting everyone to the LRC’s Plex Server. Stop by anytime between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday, October 17.

If there are movies you would like to acquire for your classes, please let us know by filling out this form!


Introduction to Transana (Thu., October 11, 12PM , Online) This fast-paced online webinar introduces and demonstrates Transana Professional’s tools for analyzing text, still image, audio, and video data in one session. This webinar is free, but registration is required so we know where to send connection instructions.
Click here to register
Automated Coding and Insights in Nvivo12 (Wed., October 17, 10:10AM - 12:10PM, COM 43C) Nvivo12 includes various types of auto-coding features. In this workshop, you will learn about the pattern-based auto-coding tools and the automated theme and sentiment extraction tools available in Nvivo12 . The auto-coding tools within Nvivo are designed for coding large volumes of textual data quickly. You will learn about the datasets most suitable for auto-coding and explore the process of using auto-coding. Hands on practice and examples will be provided using interview data and social media data. Click here to register
Virtual Reality: Activities for the Language Classroom and Beyond (Thu., October 25, 12:30PM - 2PM, AMB 2) Come to AMB 2 and try out the 2 different platforms of VR headsets we have available for use, and learn about ways that you can engage students in immersive experiences at all language levels and in different modes (assessment, culture, communication, exploration, etc.) The Oculus Rift and Google Daydream platforms will be demonstrated and you will be given the opportunity to experiment with their features and discuss pedagogical applications.
Online Training of the Month: Google Drive Essential Training Discover how to work smarter with Google Drive. In this course, you will learn how to get started with Google file storage, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. You will learn how to navigate the Google Drive interface, the differences between Drive and Docs, and how to organize, sync, and locate your Drive files. You'll then learn how to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and drawings, and even how to create a form or survey directly in Google Drive. Plus, you'll learn how to share your files and leverage the mobile app.
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The next MFLL Newsletter will be published Tuesday, November 6. Submissions should be sent to esilva@utk.edu prior to 6:00 p.m., Sunday, November 4. Please be prompt in submitting items in time to meet the deadline.

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