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The University of Tennesse, Knoxville. Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures E-Newsletter: August 31, 2015


A Message from Adrian Del Caro, Head, MFLL


Adrian Del Caro


Welcome back to all our returning students and faculty, welcome to Knoxville for our new students and colleagues! We welcome Bernard Issa to the Hispanic Studies Program (PhD Illinois-Chicago); Dan Wang to the Chinese Program (MA Northeast Normal University, Changchun, PRC); Enrique Chacón (PhD Pittsburgh) is our new postdoc in Hispanic Studies. Two lecturer colleagues retired this year: Patricia Harriman (Hispanic Studies) and Ana Salinas (Hispanic Studies). Our gratitude and best wishes to you Patricia and Ana! Two lecturers moved on to new jobs beyond UT: Senior Lecturer Jiechun Li (Chinese), and Hassan Lachheb (Arabic). Our gratitude and best wishes to you Jiechun and Hassan! Three lecturers were promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2015: Leonor Lundy (Hispanic Studies), Annachiara Mariani (Italian), and Wanessa Martin (Portuguese) — congratulations to our newest class of Senior Lecturers! Three Senior Lecturers were promoted to UT’s inaugural class of Distinguished Lecturers: Renée D’Elia–Zunino (Italian), Susan Edmundson (French and Francophone Studies), and Laura Trujillo–Mejía—congratulations Distinguished Lecturers! Two faculty members received major UT awards: Les Essif (French and Francophone Studies) is Lindsay Young Professor, Greg Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) is Distinguished Professor of Humanities—congratulations to these senior colleagues! Finally, as there can never be enough good news, I am pleased to announce that Clay McDonald (LWB-Spanish, 2000) has established the Clayton McDonald Undergraduate Travel Abroad Scholarship Endowment, in support of our Language and World Business Program—our thanks to Clay for his generous support of MFLL! I wish everyone a terrific academic year. Adrian.


Good News


Flavia Brizio-Skov

Flavia Brizio-Skov (Italian) has been working on the Linkage Program between UT and the University of Genova, while doing research in Italy. For this semester, she has organized, thanks to a grant from Ready for the World, the visit of a young scholar, Dr. Federico Donelli, Department of Political Science, UNIGE, who is an expert on Middle Eastern/Turkey diplomacy and international relations. He will deliver a lecture on October 6 at 3:30 p.m., in the Multipurpose Room of the Black Cultural Center. The event is supported by the Departments of History, Political Science, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Cinema Studies Interdisciplinary Program. Donelli will also offer a second lecture on Turkish soap operas on Tuesday Sept. 29 at 2:10 in Hodges 253 for the students of world cinema and everybody interested in foreign media. During the week of November 9-15, a senior scholar, Dr. Richard Pacelle, Head of Political Science, will travel to the University of Genova to deliver a seminar on contemporary American politics and the Supreme Court.

Millie Gimmel

Millie Gimmel (Hispanic Studies) presented the paper “The Regeneration of Francisco Hernández: An examination of prefaces and introductions in a work of with many faces” at the annual conference of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publication in Montreal, Canada in July.

Maria Stehle

Maria Stehle (German) led two study abroad trips to Germany this summer, a study component of her spring class to Berlin, and an intensive second-year language course to Freiburg. She also presented a paper at the Council for European Studies Conference: “Skins: The Politics of Intimacy in Contemporary European Cinema” in Paris in July.

Nicole Wallenbrock

Nicole Wallenbrock (French and Francophone Studies) presented over the summer: “Le retour au trauma national fondateur: la révolution algérienne dans les documentaires du vingt-et-unième siècle” at the Congrès du Conseil d’Études Internationales de Francophones, Winnipeg, Canada, and published: “Annie Girardot: votre cousine, votre tontine, votre maman, votre fiancée” and “Sylvie Testud: Pas typique” in Michael Abécassis ed., French Cinema in Close-up – La Vie d’un acteur pour moi, Phaeton Publishing Limited.

Dolly Young

Dolly Young (Hispanic Studies) was invited to present “How to Get Students across the 1+/2 Threshold,” United States Special Operative Command Colloquium on Language Training, NSW ATC-West, Coronado, CA, August 18-20.


News from the Japanese Program


The Japan Club is looking forward to its first full year of operation. The club's official name is: "Vols Japanese Cultural Association. (

We had the first meeting last week and everyone was very enthusiastic. There are currently 45 members, and the club is still growing. The activities planned for this semester include forming a study group, participation in the International Festival on campus in September, the 2nd Asian Festival in downtown Knoxville in October, and a movie night. The advisor for the club is Mahagi LaCure.


News from the French and
Francophone Studies Program




Lucien Paumelle has been a human rights activist for decades and his relatives are not astonished when he announces that he is determined to help illegal immigrants by giving them shelter in his apartment. But they are downright appalled when they meet the undocumented aliens for the first time, a little girl named Sorina and, mostly her mother, Tatiana, a twenty-eight-year old sex bomb. To make matters worse, Lucien offhandedly tells his next of kin that he has just ... married Tatiana. How will Arnaud, his son, and Babette, his daughter, react?

Contact Florence for more info at


News from the Language Resource Center


The LRC offers curricular support for language technology as a method of enriching instruction and encouraging the productivity of pedagogical outcomes for faculty. To that end, the Center offers scheduled workshops for faculty throughout each semester. The month of September will be spent with those looking for alternatives to the Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring Tools which are being phased out by Blackboard. We will be piloting Voicethread and also looking at ANVILL as a possible alternative, and will contact you with information as we have firmed up dates for those workshops.

We will begin October with a discussion of questions raised in Preservice about tools such as Google and Mirosoft Office 365, as well as other tools which received interest. A more definitive calendar will be discussed in the next newsletter.

Finally, if you have an announcement that you want to be seen by ANYONE who visits the LRC (which is a lot of people as we have the Testing Center), please consider sending us your electronic proof. Our new digital signage solution can handle images, videos, and websites.The most popular image formats are supported (such as PNG, JPG, and GIF). When you prepare images make sure they are as close as possible to 1920x1080 pixels. We support all major video formats and automatically encode them for the best possible playback fidelity on our signage screens. We are also capable of rendering most websites. However, if the website uses too much JavaScript the result is likely to suffer. To get the best possible result, keep the website as lean as possible and optimize it for 1920x1080, and we can load that on our signage for you as well!


The next MFLL newsletter for the 2015-2016 academic year will be published Monday, September 28. Submissions should be sent to John Romeiser ( no later than 6:00 p.m., Sunday, September 27.

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