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Florence Abad Turner

Laurent Zunino

Florence Abad-Turner and Laurent Zunino (French and Francophone Studies) participated in the Summer Teaching Institute organized jointly by OIT and the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center. Florence is developing modules for teaching phonetics and phonology for French 334 (Intermediate Conversation), and Laurent is developing an online game for mobile devices, which will allow students to discover both online and through place-based mobile learning Knoxville’s connections with French culture and the French language.

Flavia Brizio-Skov

Flavia Brizio-Skov (Italian) attended the International Conference of the American Association for Italian Studies in May at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where she read a paper on Italian national and transnational cinema of the Sixties. During the summer she worked at organizing the visits of three scholars from the University of Genoa who will come to UT in Fall 2014 and deliver lectures for MFLL, History, and Cinema Studies. During a visit in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, she met the faculty members of the Department of Cinema Studies at Manas University , the Turkish University of Bishkek, and she was invited to deliver two lectures on Italian Cinema, one on Sergio Leone’s filmography and one on the history of the Italian Comedy, from the Commedia dell’arte to the Italian Comedy Style of the 60’s.


Nuria Cruz–Cámara

Nuria Cruz–Cámara (Hispanic Studies) had an article published in Revista de Estudios Hispánicos (vol. 1, Nueva época, 2014): Sinfonía apasionada (1936) de Federica Montseny: ¿Mujer moderna, fatal o caída?."


Adrian Del Caro

Adrian Del Caro (German), Distinguished Professor of Humanities and Head of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, was recently named Quest Scholar of the Week. He has made several important contributions to scholarship about the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Del Caro’s translations of two of Nietzsche’s most widely read works, Beyond Good and Evil and On the Genealogy of Morality, appeared as Volume 8 of Stanford University Press’s 19-volume edition of The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Del Caro’s scholarship is a major contribution to the massive project of translating the entire German–language Colli–Montinari edition of Nietzsche, the definitive critical edition of the philosopher’s work. Alongside this translation work, Del Caro’s article “Nietzsche and Romanticism” appeared in The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche (2014) and his essay “Zarathustra vs. Faust, or Anti-Romantic Rivalry among Superhumans” was published in Nietzsche on Art and Life (Oxford UP, 2014).

Béatrice Flamenbaum

Béatrice Flamenbaum’s (French and Francophone Studies) article “Madame Verdurin dans Un Amour de Swann: L’humour et l’inquiétante étrangeté pour transcender les limites du Moi social” has been accepted for publication in Romance Notes.

Alejandra Galindo

Laura Trujillo Mejía

Alejandra Galindo and Laura Trujillo Mejía (Senior Lectrers, Hispanic Studies) attended the Teaching Professor Conference which took place May 30–June 1 in Boston, Massachusetts. This conference provides an opportunity to learn effective pedagogical techniques and interact with colleagues committed to teaching and learning excellence. Galindo and Trujillo also participated in a preconference workshop titled “Flip a Lesson: Enhance Student Learning and Engagement”. The trip was made possible thanks to the support of the MFLL Department and the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center.

Maria Gallmeier



Maria Gallmeier (German) was selected to participate in the "Sommerakademie für amerikanische Germanistikprofessoren" in June 2014 (Leipzig, Germany).

In the center of interest were the state of German studies in the USA, the Transatlantic collaboration, and the methods of teaching German as a foreign language. Participants observed various language courses at interDaF and led in-depth exchanges with colleagues from German and American universities.

The program included numerous discussions about the university's policy, the German-American relationships, German economy, history and culture with the Chancellor of the University of Leipzig, representatives of the Fulbright Commission in Berlin, the Humboldt Foundation, the DAAD, the German Foreign Ministry, and the State Government of Saxony.

Florence Abad Turner

Laurent Zunino

Millie Gimmel (Hispanic Studies) has resigned from her position as Associate Head after two years of outstanding service to MFLL. Her successor is Mary McAlpin (French and Francophone Studies).

Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) recently appeared in two episodes of the ten-part Spanish television documentary, “Cantabria,” which explores the history and culture of Cantabria from Antiquity through modern times. He appeared in episode 3, “Nueva cultura, nueva religión” (aired on TVE 2 on 8/9/14), in which he discusses the Visigothic features of a nucleus of seven cave (or rock-cut) churches in southern Cantabria and explains why this nucleus was an important pilgrimage site in the early Middle Ages. In episode 4, “La Cantabria medieval” (aired on TVE 2 on 8/16/14), he reviews his theory of the birth of the Spanish language.

Maria Stehle


Mariana Segovia (Hispanic Studies) completed her dissertation over the summer. The title of the dissertation is “La supervivencia del acompañado: reflexiones y debates sociológicos en cuatro novelas de Benito Pérez Galdós.”

Maria Stehle

Rossy Toledo (Hispanic Studies) presented the poster titled “Online Instruction for Second Language Acquisition. Can it be done effectively?” during the June 2014 Conference on Spanish Language and Culture: Theory, Practice and Instructional Strategies, organized by ETS and the College Board in Cincinnati, OH.

Sébastien Dubreil

Lisa Y. F. Parker

We welcome Sébastien Dubreil as new Language and World Business Director, and Lisa Y. F. Parker as Assistant Director. At the same time, we would like to thank Greg Kaplan and Allison Weems for their dedication and leadership of the LWB Program during the past years. On August 22nd, the new LWB faculty participated in the 2014 Welcome Week Student Engagement Fair on the Pedestrian Walkway. The president of the LWB’s student association, Amanda Suffridge, was also present to welcome and encourage potential members. Many thanks to all that made this event a success!


The new Director of the Linkage Program at the University of Genova, Dr. Elisabetta Tonizzi, will be visiting UT between September 2–5; she will deliver a lecture at the Black Cultural at 4 PM on September 2 titled “Maritime History and History of Migration: Combined Perspectives.” Dr. Tonizzi is a scholar of Contemporary History and teaches in the Department of Political Science at UNIGE. Her lecture is sponsored by the Departments of History and MFLL as well as Ready for the World.



French Film Series, Fall 2014

LE DINER DE CONS will be presented September 16th at 6 PM in the Auditorium of Hodges Library. Contact Florence for more info.


Russian Language and Culture Club events for Fall 2014

Every Friday: Russian table will meet from 4–6 p.m. on Fridays at Panera Bread on the Strip. The Russian table is a relaxed place to practice new language skills for a while and chat about Russian life, culture, politics, etc.

September 8 – 11: Russia World Showcase week at the International House — You are invited to participate or just to be a guest. September 8 (Mon) — “Coffeehouse” Russian game night and birthday celebration 6pm - 8pm, free. September 9 (Tue) — Cooking Demonstration : “Pirozhki” 6pm – 8pm, free. September 10 (Wed) — Russian Culture Night, tickets $5, available in advance at the I-house, 6pm -8pm. September 11 (Thu) — Discussion about current political situation in Russia and Ukraine, time TBA.

September 19 (Fri) — Russian program annual picnic from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm at UT Gardens. Meet some Russian people, other students who study Russian, Russian professors. Bring a dish and taste some authentic Russian dishes!

September 26 (Fri) — International Festival at UT (10 am – 3 pm, Pedestrian Walkway), where Russian Language and Culture Club will be represented.

October 27 (Mon) — Russian poetry reading contest at the International House, 6pm – 8pm. Contestants will be judged according to their level of proficiency in Russian. Prizes will be awarded for the best reading on each level.

Russian movie series at the Hodges library: September 30 (Tue), October 9 (Thu) and November 13 (Thu), Room 252, 6:30 - 9pm. The flyer with more details on movie titles and times of showing should be available shortly.



Many instructors were excited by our iPad classroom, but lamented that it could not be transported to other areas of campus, requiring their classes to reserve the TELL classroom to use the technology. In response to the demand for a portable version, the LRC, with the gracious support of the university's Technology Advisory Board, has secured a 20-seat PORTABLE iPad Mini classroom, which can be checked out via the Faculty Reservation System. There will be training on September 11 on how to checkout and use the system as well as discuss their use in the classroom. For more information or to express interest in the training, please contact Doug at dcanfie1@utk.edu.


The LRC offers curricular support for language technology as a method of enriching instruction and encouraging productivity and good pedagogical outcomes for faculty. To that end, the Center offers 13 scheduled workshops for faculty throughout each semester. Visit http://lrc.utk.edu/teach/workshops.shtml for general details on our workshops. These workshops will begin after Labor Day. The LRC will also host several impromptu workshops during the semester. Information will be emailed directly to MFLL faculty. The schedule of workshops for the month of September is as follows:

Thursday, September 4 at 12PM: Options for Annotating PowerPoint Presentations.

Thursday, September 11 at 12PM: An Introduction to the iPad Mini Classroom

Thursday, September 18 at 12PM: Google Drive and Google Hangouts.

Thursday, September 25 at 12PM: Using Vimeo, Youtube and Blackboard for video assignments.


The next MFLL newsletter will come out Monday, September 29. Submissions should be sent to John Romeiser (jromeise@utk.edu) no later than 6:00 p.m. Sunday, September 28.

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