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Harriet Bowden’s (Hispanic Studies) previously accepted article has now been published in Language Teaching Research (online in advance of print): “A fine-grained analysis of the effects of negative evidence with and without metalinguistic information in language development”, co-authored with Lado, Stafford and Sanz.

The THEC Improving Teacher Quality grant proposal on which she is co-PI for 2014 has been recommended for being awarded.

The NeuroNET (Neuroscience Network of East Tennessee) organized research unit, funded in part by the UT Office of Research, has awarded a $25,000 seed grant to a group of co-PIs including Bowden, Russell Langdon of UTMC, and Kristin King and Mark Hedrick of Audiology and Speech Pathology. They will carry out a project to investigate language learning and re-learning in normal older adults and in older adults with aphasia. The project is titled “Tracking the Relationship of Language and Memory during Learning and Relearning.”

Nuria Cruz-Cámara (Hispanic Studies) had an article published in Ámbitos Feministas (vol. 3, fall 2013): “Cuadros, marcos y regeneración moral: La mujer moderna en Ana María (1934) de Federica Montseny.”

Adrian Del Caro’s (German) essay, “Nietzsche and Romanticism: Hölderlin, Goethe, Wagner”, Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche, ed. Ken Gemes and John Richardson. Oxford UP, 2013. 108-33, has been published, He has also presented a paper, “Chasing a Janus Footnote in Schopenhauer’s PPII: On the Schelling-Schopenhauer-Nietzsche Thread”, Schopenhauer Workshop, University of Texas San Antonio, November 2013.

Renée Delia-Zunino (Italian) and Laurent Zunino (French and Francophone Studies) presented together at this year’s TFLTA in Franklin, TN. The topic was: “The Language Immersion Weekend: a Brief Yet Effective Study Abroad Experience”. They discussed the organization of an immersion event, step by step, and demonstrated the pedagogical value of such an activity at the College level, but also K-12. Renée has concluded her Impara l’Italiano con l’Ispettor Zunicchi project with the Faculty First Program and used the grant to put together an online activity for Italian students. Students learn about a crime and become investigators of the crime and solve the mystery. She will pilot the tool in ITAL 342/405 in the Spring.

In addition, Laurent will be in charge of the MFLL Soccer Tournament for the Spring. The tentative date for the tournament is Friday, April 11, 2014.

Maria Gallmeier, Anja Seiler and Ulli Sczesni (German) presented the workshop “Exploring Culture in the target language in the beginner and intermediate courses” for teachers of German at the TFLTA Conference 2013 in Franklin, TN.

Greg Kaplan (Hispanic Studies) has received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. Kaplan, the Lindsay Young Professor of Spanish in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures and director of UT’s Language and World Business program, will receive more than $25,000 for his book project, “Saul Levi Morteira, Spinoza's Enlightened Rabbi: A Critical Edition of Obstaculos y oposiciones contra la religion christiana”. The project sheds new light on the intersection between Dutch Christian Hebraism and Jewish apologetic writing. The grant will enable Kaplan to produce a book-length study and a translation into English of an unedited manuscript that is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Collection at the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam.

Dolly Young’s (Hispanic Studies) chapter in the Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquistion, titled “Affective Factors and Second Language Spanish” (2013) edited by Kimberly Geeslin and published by Wiley-Blackwell, came out in print this month.



Cultural Festival — Hybrid First-Year Program

On December 4th the first year program consisting of the Spanish 150 and Spanish 123 hybrid courses with a total enrollment this fall of 584 celebrated their second Cultural Festival where the best cultural projects were awarded the Vívelo Award of $100.00 for first place and $50.00 for second and third place. The top three videos were shown and students’ faces appeared to show interest and admiration for their peers’ creativity, research and technological prowess. Approximately 200 students were in attendance. The award recipients were Rachel Harken (first place), Emily Kraft (second place) and Michael Graig, Justin Lee, Chris Maness, Sarah Mills (third place). For the first time, door prizes were also provided, infusing the celebration with cheering, clapping, anticipation and just down right fun. The most valuable door prize was an HP wireless printer. Faculty should be on the lookout for these students as they are gifted and serious language learners. (contributed by Dolly Young)


We hosted our 10th Italian Immersion Weekend Nov.15-17! We had a full house, and the event was a great success. We had an end-of-semester Skating+Dinner event on Market Square organized by Chiara Mariani and the UTK Italian Club. Needless to say, lots of students from other languages participated too, because they thought it was a fantastic activity, so the crowd was a lovely MFLL crowd!

Italians were selected to be showcased during a 3-day event in February, through the World Showcase Series sponsored by the International House! We will publicize the event in the Spring, and we hope that everyone will participate! We promise lots of good food, entertainment, and a true Carnevale, Italian style!




As the LRC grows, we look to you for your input. Within the next few days we will be sending a survey out to get your feedback and ideas on workshop topics and modes of delivery, as well as your suggestions to enhance and personalize faculty services. When you receive the invitation to participate, we ask that you fill out the anonymous survey at your earliest convenience so that we can work to implement suggestions for the Spring semester.

We will resume publication in January 2014. Enjoy the holiday break!

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