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Àlvaro Ayo's (Hispanic Studies) “Parodia e innovación en la primera etapa de la obra de Pérez de Ayala (1902-1913)” has appeared in Bulletin Hispanique. 114.1 (2012), 367-381.

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Millie Gimmel (Hispanic Studies) has been appointed Associate Head of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures.
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Chad Goldman, a 1993 UT alumnus in Spanish and Language and World Business graduate, was the keynote speaker for the first-ever LWB luncheon in the I-House Great Room, September 26. More than 80 students, faculty, and administrators attended. The luncheon was co-sponsored by the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, the College of Business, and the Language and World Business program. Goldman recently endowed a scholarship (see http://www.utk.edu/tntoday/2011/06/02/goldman-pendleton-endowment/) . He is currently VP of Marketing for CauseForce:
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Daniel H. Magilow's (German) article “December 16, 1927: Hans Steinhoff's Familientag im Hause Prellstein provokes debate on the representation of Jewish identity” appeared in the recently published A New History of German Cinema. The article examines the question “Is it ok to make Jewish jokes if you are yourself Jewish?” using the example of Familientag im Hause Prellstein [Family day at the Prellsteins], a silent film by Hans Steinhoff, a controversial director who later made Nazi propaganda films.
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Douja Mamelouk (French/Francophone and Arabic) was highlighted in a recent issue of QUEST: (http://tiny.utk.edu/mamelouk).
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Maria Stehle's (German) co-written article "Made in Germany: The Politics of Teaching German Pop Culture in the Twenty-first Century" has been voted by the Editorial Board as the Outstanding Article in Unterrichtspraxis for 2011.
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An article by Dolly Young (Hispanic Studies) and Jason Pettigrew (formerly Hispanic Studies) titled "Introducing Blended Learning in Large Multi-Section Foreign Language Programs: An Opportunity for Reflecting on Course Content, Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Issues" appeared in the 2012 American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators (AAUSC) volume titled Hybrid Language Teaching and Learning:  Exploring Theoretical, Pedagogical and Curricular Issues. Boston: Thompson/Heinle.

In addition, Young is serving as First Vice President of the TFLTA (Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association) and as such will chair the entire TFLTA conference in Nashville November 2-3. The theme of the conference this year is "Languages: Breaking New Ground."



The French film Séraphine by Martin Provost will be shown Tuesday, October 16, at 5 pm, at the auditorium in Hodges library. The film depicts the life and primitive art of Séraphine Louis, a self-taught painter. Contact Florence Abad-Turner at fabadtur@utk.edu for more info.




There is so much more to new media than Flickr, Slideshare, and YouTube! Learn to bring new media and Web 2.0 tools within the Blackboard architecture on Thursday, October 4, from 1PM to 3PM. This workshop will explore simple workarounds to deploy exciting tools (such as educational online games, rich video and audio content, podcasts, blogs, social tools, virtual worlds, and many more) into your existing Blackboard course.

Feel free to drop in unannounced if you find the time, but if you are already planning to be there, drop Doug a line and let him know.


Writing a research paper, dissertation or any long-form text involves more than typing away until you're done. Collecting research, ordering fragmented ideas, shuffling paragraphs in search of that elusive structure... most word processing software is only good after much of the hard work is done, and even then they are kludgy with bigger projects. On Wednesday, October 17 from 1PM to 3PM, the LRC will introduce Scrivener, a word processor and project management tool housed in the Research Room of the LRC that stays with you from that first, unformed idea all the way through to the final draft. Outline and structure your ideas, take notes, view research alongside your writing and compose the constituent pieces of your text in isolation or in context. Scrivener won't tell you how to write, it just makes all the tools you have scattered around your desk available in one application.

Feel free to drop in unannounced if you find the time, but if you are already planning to be there, drop Doug a line and let him know.


The LRC has Roku streaming players attached to the televisions located on the VOLS Room (AMB 1) and the Media Group Viewong Room (AMB 1A). One of the several channels available is the MummyBox channel, which gives you access to hundreds of international streams. Here is a sample of just the Spanish-language streams: C5N, Telemadrid, TV3 Catalonia, Euronews, KISS TV, Canal Extremadura, RT Espanol, Canal 24H, Canal Sur Andalucia, La2, TV3 24, La 1, and HispanTV.

For more information, contact lrc@utk.edu for details.


The next MFLL newsletter will be published October 29. The deadline for submission of news items is 6:30 p.m., October 28. Please send news items to John Romeiser (jromeise@utk.edu).

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