Lisa Figueroa Parker chaired a panel, "Nuestra América: Desenmascarando la literatura latinoamericana", at the recent Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference at Auburn University. Panel members (all from Hispanic Studies) and their presentations were:

  • Janelle C. Coleman, "Saber para ser algo: la poesía negra de Guillén como respuesta a 'Lo fatal' de Rubén Darío"

  • Luciana Prestes Bean, "Buscando la tierra del nunca jamás: La búsqueda de la figura femenina como forma de amparo y de reconocimiento de la subjetividad en la novela La multitud errante de Laura Restrepo"

  • Andrew M. Ray, "Temas de identidad y resistencia en dos cuentos en El jardín en el espejo de Omar Arrieta Chavarría"

  • Lisa Y. F. Parker, "En busca de la identidad puertorriqueña: Contraste entre las máscaras vanguardistas del jíbaro blanco hispanófilo de Pedreira y la del negro antillano de Palés Matos"

In addition, Amevi Bocco (French and Francophone Studies) presented a paper titled "La francophonie, une diversité culturelle ou véritable machine néocolonialiste en Afrique?" at the same conference.

Maria Stehle's (Germanic Studies) co-written article "'Made in Germany:' The Politics of Teaching German Popular Culture in the 21st Century" will be published in the fall issue of Unterrichtspraxis. Her article, "Rudolf Mosaner's 'Wanderjahre': Irony and Impunity in Nazi Europe," written in collaboration with Prof. Andrew Bergerson (History), has been published in an edited volume entitled War, Exile, Justice, and Everyday Life by The Center for Basque Studies.

Alumnus Travis Lee (French B.A., 2008) reports the following: "I've published a short story, 'The Journey through Nanking', in Independent Ink Magazine. It's unfortunately only available on Kindle (as of this writing). Later on, I'll release it by itself in other formats. I also self-published a small novella, 'Grandpa & Henry', available (again, as of this writing) in multiple ebook formats. The first can be found here:, and the latter can be found here at


Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Hodges Library, room 253
@ 6:30 pm

The UT Italian Club will screen the movie "L'uomo che verrà", a film by Giorgio Diritti. Winner of 2010 David Di Donatello: Best Film. 2009 Rome Film Festival Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award.

Also, the Club created its website! We invite anyone to check out info on events on campus, organized by the Italian Club, as well as monthly Italian recipes, sports events, fashion, music and more. The site is still a little "under construction" but the students are working hard. Have a look, here is the link:

The Italian Table takes place every Friday from 2:30-3:30 pm at the Starbucks in Hodges Library!

Other Italian Section News:
We are happy to announce that thanks to a grant from Ready for the World, we have organized the visit of Dr. Susanna Delfino within the framework of the Cooperative Exchange Program with the University of Genoa, Italy. Dr. Delfino will come to UTK to do research at Special Collections between Oct. 30 and Nov. 13, and during this time she will give two lectures to the university community:

  1. "Historical Writing and the Representation of Women in American Movies on the Old South." (Wed. Nov. 2, 2:30 pm, Hodges 253)
    The difficult and often conflicting relationship between historiography and popular representations of history constitutes the core of this lecture. The talk will focus on useful notions that may help set the representation of female figures in a particular movie in its appropriate cultural context, as well as to offer the tools to critically evaluate them vis-à-vis the ever-evolving nature of historical writing.

    A rapid overview of the cultural assumptions that characterized the historiography on the Old South during the first four decades of the nineteenth century, and of the marginal position it assigned to women, will be followed by an illustration of the above through reference to a number of movies produced during that period of time.

  2. "'Belles No More': Historians Revisit 'Gone with the Wind'." (Monday Nov. 7, 2:30 pm, Hodges 253)
    This lecture is conceived as a case-study after the general overview offered by the previous one. The choice of the topic, the well-known movie 'Gone with the Wind,' is partly suggested by the familiarity the students may have with it, but also by the fact that, as an icon of the Old South, scholars have not only recovered features which rescue it from completely negative judgements, but also re-evaluated it in some ways. Whereas other movies of the 1930s and 1940s on the Old South are consigned to obscurity, Gone with the Wind, despite its many flaws and historical inaccuracies, still retains a timeless fascination.


Do Começo ao Fim (Brazil) 2009, October 27, Discussant: Dr. Euridice Silva
From Beginning to End (Portuguese: Do Começo ao Fim) deals with two types of relationships that are often considered taboo: incest and homosexuality. The storyline tells of two half brothers who are very close when they are kids, and as they grow up an incestuous relationship develops. The director, Aluizio Abranches said that his sole intention was to show a love story, regardless of conditions.


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As we continue the Fall semester, The Language Resource Center offers additional workshops to show how the various rooms and technologies of the LRC can be used to enrich your classes and your research. E-mail to register for these courses, or to suggest one of your own!

Test Drive Workshop: The TELL Classroom - Thursday, October 27 @ 2PM, AMB 03
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Test Drive Workshop: The Telecollaboration / Seminar Room - Friday, October 28 @ 10 AM, AMB 02
The newly-completed Telecollaboration / Seminar Room is a 13-seat smart conference room complete with projection, lecture capture, computers, and videoconferencing capabilities to facilitate your pedagogical interventions requiring contact with outside experts, films, or other goals requiring telecollaboration. This session will teach you how to use and reserve this room.

Test Drive Workshop: The Digitization Room - Thursday, November 3 @ 1 PM, AMB 04
Back by popular demand! AMB 4 serves as the focal point for the digitizing of MFLL material and cultural realia. This digitization enables you to process materials from various media to an electronic format. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up early!

Test Drive Workshop: The Language Assessment Center - Friday, November 4 @ 10 AM, AMB 03
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