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Faculty Notes

Harriet Bowden

Harriet Wood Bowden (Spanish) is lead author of “Native-like brain processing of syntax can be attained by university foreign language learners”, forthcoming in Neuropsychologia. She presented “The Effects of Pedagogical Conditions on Second Language Processing” at the SouthEastern Conference on Linguistics, with College Scholar McCall Sarrett. Sarrett won an award for this research at the UT undergraduate research fair, EUReCA. Bowden was co-PI on a grant from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Flavia Brizio

Flavia Brizio-Skov (Italian) gave a public lecture on postwar Italian popular cinema in May at the Ubik of Savona (Italy) and was invited to give a presentation on “Celluloid Indians” by the Department of Philosophy and History of the University of Genoa (Italy). As a Director of the Linkage between UT and the University of Genoa, thanks to a grant from Ready for the World, she planned the visit of Dr. Ferdinando Fasce, a renowned cultural historian from the University of Genoa who came to UT to do research and deliver two lectures on “Advertising and Consumption in the American Century.”

Nuria Cruz-Camara

Nuria Cruz-Cámara (Spanish) had two articles accepted for publication in Revista de Estudios Hispánicos and Ámbitos Feministas, both of which are part of her book in progress on the anarchist modern woman in Spain. In March, she organized and chaired a session at the 44th Annual Convention of NeMLA (“Women in Spanish Cultural Arena 1900-1940: Alternative Spaces”).

Adrian Del Caro

Adrian Del Caro (German) published “Nietzsche and Romanticism: Goethe, Hoelderlin and Wagner” in The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche. Ed. Ken Gemes and John Richardson. Oxford University Press, 2013. Pp. 108-133.

Sebastien Dubreil

Sébastien Dubreil (French) published Alliages culturels: La société française en transformation (Cengage, 2013) a book proposing an exploration of contemporary French culture. In summer 2013 he taught in the UTK in Paris program. Dr. Dubreil continues to explore the potential of instructional technologies, having his students collaborate on learning projects with partners in France using desktop videoconferencing and mobile learning technology.

Dawn Duke

Dawn Duke (Spanish) published an article, “La mujer negra y el popularismo cubano en María Antonia de Eugenio Hernández Espinosa” in Revista de Lenguas Modernas (July-December 2012) and a book chapter, “The Triumph Within: Carolina Maria de Jesus and Strategies for Black Female Empowerment in Brazil” in Critical Perspectives on Afro-Latin American Literature edited by Dr. Antonio Tillis (2012).

Les Essif

Les Essif (French) published his book American ‘Unculture’ in French Drama (Palgrave, April 2013), an article “American Students Performing the Foreignness of Human Culture in Foreign Drama,”), and a book review essay on French Theatre Today. He is working on a new book project: “America and ‘World Totality’ in Postcolonial Francophone Theatre.” He received the UTK Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award for 2013.

Chris Holmlund

Chris Holmlund (French) again served as president of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (3000+ members, 50+ countries) last year. She gave a keynote address at the inaugural Celebrity Studies conference in Melbourne, Australia. Her fourth anthology, The Ultimate Stallone Reader, is forthcoming 2014 from Wallflower/Columbia UP.

Gregory Kaplan

Gregory Kaplan (Spanish) was awarded a UT Lindsay Young Professorship (2013-15) in recognition of professional achievement in research and teaching. He published an article on the medieval poet Rodrigo de Reinosa in Ojáncano and in May he presented “The Impact on Latin of Bilingualism (and Diglossia?) in Cantabria from Late Antiquity through the Early Middle Ages” at the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies (Western Michigan U). He was recently awarded a prestigious NEH Fellowship in support of his latest project.

Mary McAlpin

Mary McAlpin (French) published a monograph, Female Sexuality and Cultural Degradation in Enlightenment France: Medicine and Literature with Ashgate Press in fall 2012. She served as chair of the Modern Language Association Divisional Committee for 18th-century French Studies during the 2012-2013 year and was promoted to professor in summer 2013.

Euridice Silva

Dr. Eurídice Silva (Portuguese) presented the paper “Transposições Intermediáticas: A literatura vai ao cinema” at the international roundtable on Literatura e Afrodesdendência at UT in November. His paper is part of his current research on multi-mediatic representations, adaptations and interconnections of literature, film, music and television.

Maria Stehle

Maria Stehle (German) published her first monograph “Ghetto Voices in Contemporary German Culture” in the fall of 2012 with Camden House. She also published a co-written (with Beverly Weber) article entitled “German Soccer, the World Cup, and Multicultural Belonging” in German Studies Review. Together with her collaborator Carrie Smith-Prei, Maria Stehle received a grant for a new research project on “Technologies of Popfeminist Activism.”

Dolly Young

Dolly J. Young (Spanish) served as the 2013 President of the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association. She published, with Jason Pettigrew, a chapter entitled, “Introducing Blended Learning in Large Multi-Section Foreign Language Programs: An Opportunity for Reflecting on Course Content, Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Issues” in 2012 and she has another chapter forthcoming entitled “Affective Factors and Second Language Spanish” in Handbook of Spanish Language Acquisition. She presented a session entitled, “What does FL Multi-section Blended Learning Look Like? Are we Listening to Student and Instructor Perspectives?” at the American Association of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas, March 16-19, 2013.



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