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Graduate Teaching Assistants

Name Program Language
Aguilar, Paulo   Spanish
Allan, Anastasia Ph.D. Spanish
Becha, Allison M.A. French
Blanco-Marcos, Jessica Ph.D. Spanish
Brown, Charles Joseph Ph.D. German
Buford, Jacob M.A. German
Cross, Margaret M.A. German
Day, Sarah M.A. Spanish
Flamenbaum, Béatrice Ph.D. French
Greer, Catherine Ph.D. German
Hancock, Joy Ph.D. German
Hernanz, Alfonso   Spanish
Hernandez de Polaczyk, Ana M.   Spanish
Honeycutt, Ana M.A. Spanish
Horner, Lavinia Ph.D. French
Johnson, Tyler William M.A. German
Kennedy, Wesley M.A. German
Keubeung, Gérard Ph.D. French
Klass, Nicolai M.A. German
Lubben, Andrew Ph.D. German
Miller, Jodie M.A. French
Miranda, Kyrie Ph.D. Spanish
Nischan, Mallory Ph.D. French
Osborn, Haley Ph.D. Spanish
Robinson, Joseph M.A. German
Rojas, Catalina Ph.D. Spanish
Sanders, Victoria M.A. French
Scruggs, Kiko Ph.D. Spanish
Sedeno, Iker M.A. Spanish
Smith, Cameron M.A. French
Thompson, Amy M.A. Spanish
Tietjen, Klayton Ph.D. French
Van Brackel, Alan Lille Exchange French
Villines, Holly   Spanish

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