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UT/University of Genoa Cooperative Exchange Program

University of Genoa, ItalyThe Presidents of the two Institutions began the Cooperative Exchange Program between the University of Genoa, Italy, and the University of Tennessee, USA, in November 1994 with the signing of an Agreement. Initially, the Program involved only the departments in the humanities and the social sciences, but in 2002 a new General Agreement was signed by which participation was extended to the entirety of the two institutions. The activities carried out during over twenty years of existence of the Program, under the direction of Dr. Flavia Brizio-Skov for the University of Tennessee, and of Dr. Susanna Delfino and then Dr. Elisabetta Tonizzi for the University of Genoa, have, however, been manifold. For several years students of the School for Translators and Interpreters of the University of Genoa have spent one semester at UT where, besides preparing their graduation theses, they attended classes as auditors, receiving credits from their home institution.

Several professors and administrators of the University of Tennessee have lectured at the University of Genoa between 1998 and 2016, among them: Carolyn Hodges (Modern Foreign Languages), Mark Dadmun (Chemistry), Zhenyu Zang (Physics), Paul J. Phillips (Material Engineering), Todd Diacon (History), Flavia Brizio-Skov (Modern Foreign Languages), Paul Barrette (Modern Foreign Languages), Elaine Evans (McClung Museum), James N. Ghehlar (Director of the Centre for International Education), Loraine Lester (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences), Susan Martin  (Provost of the University of Tennessee), Ernest Freeberg (History), and Richard Pacelle (Political Science).

Visiting scholars from UNIGE came to deliver lectures and do research at UT, among them: Susanna Delfino (American History), Elisabetta Tonizzi (History of Migration), Ferdinando Fasce (Transatlantic Relations), Massimo Rubboli (History of Religion), Federrico Donelli (Middle Eastern Studies), Alessandro Badella (American and Cuban Relations).

Two major international conferences have been organized under the Program. The first one, "Society and Conflict: From the Age of Revolutions to the 'American Century'," took place in Genoa, June 28-29, 1999. The UT delegation included seven faculty members participating as speakers, and Dr. C. W. Minkel (at the time Dean of the Graduate School), Susan D. Martin (at the time Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science) and James N. Ghehlar. The second conference, "Reconstructing Societies in the Aftermath of War: Memory, Identity, Reconciliation," took place in Knoxville, June 9-12, 2002. The Italian delegation included the Vice-Rector of the University of Genoa, Dr. Rinaldo Marazza, and six faculty members as speakers. The proceedings of both conferences were published.  The exchange activities have been made possible thanks to many grants from the READY FOR THE WORLD/QEP initiative, sponsored by the office of the Provost and the support of various departments. (Contact:

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