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Mapping 'Knoxville' Across Time, Media, and Cultures:

Tracing Unexplored Connections Between the Work of Cormac McCarthy, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, and Buddy and the Huddle

Knoxville: Where Schwarzenbach, McCarthy, and Buddy and the Huddle - ‘Meet’ Across Time

McCARTHY, Suttree: “He walked along Gay Street, pausing by storewindows, fine goods kept in glass. A police cruiser passed slowly. He moved on, from out of his eyecorner watching them watch.”

“He’d come from the dwellingstreets of whites to those of blacks and no gray middle folk did he see.”

“This city constructed on no known paradigm, a mongrel architecture reading back through the works of man in a brief delineation of the aberrant disordered and mad.”

“Suttree going past rows of derelict trucks piled with produce and flowers, an atmosphere rank with country commerce, a reek of farmgoods in the air tending off into a light surmise of putrification and decay.”

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