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Mapping 'Knoxville' Across Time, Media, and Cultures:

Tracing Unexplored Connections Between the Work of Cormac McCarthy, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, and Buddy and the Huddle

Across the Countryside: Getting to Knox - the ‘Other’ America

SCHWARZENBACH: “After leaving behind this city — this monstrum, this over-city, this city of the future — after leaving New York which, after all, is only a tiny outpost, a peninsula and estuary, America extends itself into the open. Vast plains follow after vast plains and this immense and inexhaustible continent unrolls itself in front of you.”

“Within only a few hours after leaving the city, after escaping its suburbs and clouds of billowing smoke, the ‘reign of the country-road’ – this true symbol of the other America — unfolds itself. It is called the ‘Highroad’ and – unlike in ‘old’ Europe — it does not wind itself from village to village, and from farm to farm, but instead, like an arrow, it cuts through hills and mountains for the entire stretch from the Canadian border to the tobacco fields of Virginia and the muggy river-harbors of the South, all the while bearing the same highway number [...] And all of this is America.”

“New York is not America” “New York is not America”

McCARTHY, Suttree: “Suttree watched this industry [of the city] accomplish itself in the hot afternoon. Downwind light ocher dust had sifted all along the greening roadside foliage and in the quiet midafternoon the call of a long sad trainhorn floated over the lonely countryside... Behind him the city lay smoking, the sad purlieus of the dead immured with the bones of friends and forebears. Off to the right side the white concrete of the expressway gleamed in the sun where the ramp curved out into empty air and hung truncate with iron rods bristling among the vectors of nowhere.”


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