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Mapping 'Knoxville' Across Time, Media, and Cultures:

Tracing Unexplored Connections Between the Work of Cormac McCarthy, Annemarie Schwarzenbach, and Buddy and the Huddle

Véronique Aubouy

Véronique AubouyVéronique Aubouy directs films, including documentaries and short films. All of her projects are strongly influenced by literature and music. She also presents her creative work in performances, video installations, internet creations and photographs.

Proust Lu

Since October 1993, she has been filming a diverse group of people reading Proust’s In Search of Lost Time in a large array of settings. Each person reads two pages, taking the audience from the first pages of the book to its end. The film Proust Lu, which is 132 hours long so far and includes more than 1300 readers, should be completed by 2050. Shown in galleries and museums, Proust Lu has been presented last July in FID Marseille 2018.


Véronique Aubouy first directed short films such as The Silence of Summer, which was selected for the Cannes Festival, in the area of Un certain regard in 1993. Other films include numerous documentary films such as A Musician passes, a portrait of the virtuoso pianist Zoltan Kocsis (2002); I am not an Angry Man, a portrait of the playwright Edward Bond (2002); and Bernadette Lafont, une sacrée Bonne Femme, a portrait of a French actress who has often been referred to as “the face of the French New Wave”(2013). Her film Je Suis' Annemarie Schwarzenbach was presented at the Berlinale in 2015, played in movie theatres in Paris for 5 months (April – Sept. 2015), and also shown at many international film festivals in 2015 and 2016 (incl. Bordeau, Nice, Palermo, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Basel, Florence, Bilbao). Her new film Albertine Gonehas been presented last July 11th and 12th in International Film Festival (FID) in Marseille and was granted a Special Mention in French Competition.

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Performances that focus on Marcel Proust and Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Since 2011, she has performed various versions of “Proust in One Hour” (in French and in English). In these performances she summarizes In Search of Lost Time, personally narrating this tale from ‘another time’ in such a way that establishes its modern relevance. In each of her performances she focuses on different parts of the novel, which makes each iteration of “Proust in One Hour” a premiere of something new. Over the years, she has often performed “Proust in One Hour” in French, including regular presentations at the ‘Maison de la Poésie’in Paris on a monthly basis. Performances in English include a presentation at Otis School, Los Angeles (Feb. 2016) and at the French Institute in London (May 2018)

Véronique Aubouy continues her work on Annemarie Schwarzenbach through a performance project (public casting sessions in theaters) that includes a 2-hour-performance/writing session in which young actors play Annemarie Schwarzenbach, as they engage in the process of composing and writing a text. Véronique Aubouy documents these sessions and the texts produced by participants in photographs for an exhibition.


Her book, À la Lecture (co-authored by Mathieu Riboulet) was published in September 2014 by Grasset.


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