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Obtain a BA and MA in French, Spanish, or German in only 5 years!

Did you know that it is possible to get a Master’s degree in French, Spanish, or German, by adding only one year of study to your UT BA program? With the 5-Year BA/MA Program, up to 9 hours that count toward your BA in a language are also allowed to count toward your MA (a Master’s degree normally requires 30 hours of coursework beyond the BA, or an additional 2 years; but with this program, you need only 21 hours, or one additional year). 

Note: You still apply for graduation for the BA and walk in the graduation ceremony, like all of your peers; this program is really a BA + accelerated MA. You may be eligible to receive funding for the year of MA study through a graduate teaching assistantship. The GTAship comes with a tuition waiver, health insurance, and a stipend; you also gain teaching experience at the introductory level. PLEASE NOTE: The availability of GTAships varies considerably by semester and by program; please address inquiries to the appropriate graduate program coordinator (see below).  

*Applications may be submitted after you have completed 64 hours at the undergraduate level, but no later than the second-to-last semester of your BA program. 

Questions? Interested? Contact the graduate coordinator for your language:  

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