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From Fragment the World-Stage
Navigating a Maze of Editorial, Intercultural, Linguistic, and Dramaturgical Mediations: Georg Büchner In/And 'Translation(s)

In conjunction with the Clarence Brown Theatre production of "Woyzeck," Stefanie Ohnesorg (German) organized an International Georg Büchner Symposium that was held on October 15, 2010 at the UT International House. Entitled "From Fragment the World-Stage: Navigating a Maze of Editorial, Intercultural, Linguistic, and Dramaturgical Mediations: Georg Büchner In/And 'Translation(s)," the symposium featured the following speakers, and each of their presentations focused on mediations and translation(s) that were and still are central and necessary to further the understanding of Büchners works:

  • Burghard Dedner, Professor of German at the University of Marburg, Germany, Director of the Georg Büchner Research Center, and one of the leading Georg Büchner scholars worldwide. Prof. Dedner primarily focused on his research related to "Woyzeck" that produced new insights on the genesis of the various fragmental stages of this text and also uncovered a multitude of intertextual connections within this text that open up possibilities for new interpretations and intercultural readings of "Woyzeck."
  • Doug Langworthy, Resident Dramaturg/Theatre Historian from the Denver Theatre Company. His presentation highlighted Georg Büchner's importance in the history of modern drama with special emphasis on "Danton's Death" (the only work of Georg Büchner that was published during the authors' lifetime)
  • Stefanie Ohnesorg (German), Noah Soltau (German), and John Sipes, Director of Clarence Brown Theatre production of "Woyzeck" and Resident Director in Theatre. This joint-presentation focused on various aspects that informed and influenced the production of "Woyzeck" at the Clarence Brown Theatre, and it demonstrated why it was essential to create a new English language translation of "Woyzeck," namely a translation that is anchored in and informed by the research presented in the first historical-critical German language edition of this text (Marburg 2005).

The International Georg Büchner Symposium at UT was sponsored by the Mildred Haines and William Elijah Morris Lecture Endowment Fund, the Department of Theatre, the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, the Department of English, The Humanities Initiative, the Research Seminar on Modern Germany and Central Europe, the German Studies Program, the Office of Academic Outreach in the College of Arts & Sciences, the International House, and UT Libraries. Noah Soltau (German) and Dawn Danalis (Gernan) volunteered their time to form the organizational committee that planned and coordinated the logistics for Professor Burghard Dedner's and Doug Langworthy's campus visits during the week of Oct. 11-16, 2010.

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