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Japanese Speech Contest

The 4th annual Japanese Speech Contest was held in April at the International House. A total of 15 participants gave a speech. Topics included 'My childhood', 'Me 10 years from now', 'The place I'd like to show Japanese people', 'Memorable food experience' to name a few. Slides with PowerPoint were used by 2nd and 3rd year students to enhance their speech. These participants were selected after every student gave a presentation in class as part of course assignment. This gives everyone a chance to review what was learned during the year and use it in a meaningful way to express oneself. Jien Song who won the top award in 1st year category, for example, impressed everyone by her fluent and natural delivery. Staying within the 1st year vocabulary and expressions, she conveyed that she was a very studious, but fun-loving child in Korea and she would love to become a nice teacher. Also each class as a group sang a Japanese song they had been practicing. The songs ranged from a simple children's song to popular anime theme songs, reflecting the trend and taste of the students.

The audience was delighted again by a haiku poem presentation by a 2nd year student. The event was attended by more than 120 people, including the friends and family. Notably this year many former students of Japanese came to cheer. Attendees enjoyed Japanese snacks during intermission. While judges were busy deciding on the winners, the Great Room was filled with excitement. Cute little Japanese items donated by teachers were given away as raffles. After the award ceremony everyone was treated to Japanese food of yakitori chicken, yakisoba fried noodles, broccoli with sesame dressing, and rice balls. All the food was prepared by volunteers, both Japanese and American students together. Everyone had a great time.

Some pictures and videos from this year's speech contest can been seen at the following sites.

The event was organized by Mahagi LaCure, lecturer, Megumu Doi and Taka Sato, both GTAs. It was sponsored by the MFLL Department, I-House and Japan Foundation.

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