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Donors  Acknowledgment

Online Giving to MFLL

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors ...

  • Ms. Laura E. Arthur
  • Ms. Gwyn A. Ayer
  • Mr. Joakim Par Bergkvist & Ms. Adrian M. Gonzales
  • Mr. Hugh B. Bright, Jr. & Mrs. Celia F. Bright
  • Ms. Kelly M. Carder
  • Mr. Travis Aaron Christian
  • Matthew H. Ciscel
  • Ms. Cheryl Ursula Dunlop
  • Mr. Anthony J. Easter
  • Dr. Thomas L. Ferrell & Dr. Brenda Y. Ferrell
  • Dr. Barbara R. Fick
  • Dr. Robert B. Gossett & Ms. Rita B. Gossett
  • Dr. Michael H. Handelsman
  • Mr. Michael D. Haynes
  • Peter J. Hoeyng
  • Dr. H. Clinton Hollister, Jr. & Mrs. Susanne C. Hollister
  • Mr. William W. Howell & Mrs. Margaret S. Howell
  • Mrs. Anna I. James
  • Ms. Tracy M. Jones
  • Mrs Zeynep Y Kinaci
  • Dr. Benjamin F. Lee
  • Mr. Lawrence P. Leibowitz & Mrs. Kay S. Leibowitz
  • Mrs. Jane E. Leonard
  • Ms. Jennifer H. May
  • Mr. Norman Kenneth McClain
  • Dr. Chauncey J. Mellor & Dr. Doris Gove
  • Mr. Arnold M. Penuel
  • Mrs. Cecilia Poulsen
  • Taylor D. Powell
  • Ms. Deborah L. Rice
  • Ms. Elizabeth Lee Ridley
  • Ms. Nancy Wakefield Richards
  • Dr. Stephen F. Richards Jr.
  • Mr. Jay H. Schablik & Mrs. Debra J. Schablik
  • Dr. Harriette La Varre Spiegel
  • Mr. Normann Sprinz
  • Mr. Thomas J. Sprinz
  • Dr. Friedemann W. Stallmann & Mrs. Ruth C. Stallmann
  • Mr. Christopher G. Stop & Mrs. Paula M. Stop
  • Mr. Jonathan C. Vanhook & Mrs. Tracey T. Vanhook
  • Mr. Jeffrey C. Wood
  • Dr. Erec R. Koch
  • Dr. Gregory B. Kaplan

For online giving to the University of Tennessee - Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures, please follow the following steps:

  • Visit the University of Tennessee secured online giving site at:

    • Choose a Campus or Institute to Support
      (select: Knoxville from the drop-down menu or see screenshot)

    • Choose a College, School, or Department
      (select: Arts & Sciences from the drop-down menu or see screenshot)

    • Choose a Fund or Endowment
      (select: UTK Modern Foreign Language Gift Fund from the drop-down menu or see screenshot)

    • Enter Your Gift Amount
      (enter the amount in this format: $ xxx.xx or see screenshot)

    • If you checked the box: "I am making this gift in memory or in honor of an individual", fill put the box: "Please provide the name of the individual being honored and the address that the University of Tennessee should send an acknowledgement". Otherwise, click "PROCEED TO STEP 2".
    (Fill out your: First / Middle / Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone, E-mail)

    (Be sure to click "PROCESS MY GIFT")

If you have questions or would prefer to make your credit card payment by phone, please call (800) 598-2586 between 8am and 5pm EST!

To send your donation by mail, fill out and print the following form: Friends of MFLL [PDF, 561KB]

We are truly grateful for your interest and generosity. It makes a termendous impact to our department!

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