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Adabra, Kodjo (Ph.D., French, 2010) is now working as an assistant professor of French at the State University of New York, Geneseo.

Barrett, Alex (French, 2010) has just started law school in New York City.

Bartholomew, Kim (French, 2009) spent the last year teaching French at Karns High School while completing her Masters Degree in Education.

Bassano, Michelle (B.A. Spanish 2009) has been teaching Spanish I at Sequoyah High School in Madisionville, TN. Michelle is in the process of getting her teaching license through UT Martin under the Transition to Teach scholarship. Transition to Teach is a program funded by the state of Tennessee. It pays for your classes to obtain your teaching license as long as one teaches in a high need area for 3 years. It also provides one with a mentor who visits your school regularly. Michelle reports that she really enjoys teaching.

Beecroft, Mary (French, 2010) is working as an English teaching assistant in Poitiers, France.

Eakin, Abby (French, 2010) is the French intern at Hardin Valley Academy.

Farnsley, Reed (Spanish, LWB 2009) is currently interning for the Center for International Education at Maryville College in Maryville, TN.

Haynes, Bethanie (French LWB, 2009) is one of only three Americans hired earlier this year by EDF Inc (the American branch of Electricité de France that deals with nuclear power) in Washington, D.C. She is currently attending the Washington College of Law at American University as a part-time student with a $10,000 Dean's Merit Scholarship.

King, Shande (French, 2009) graduated with Honors and a double major in French and Math. He is currently doing his student teaching and applying to graduate school.

Love, Jeremy (B.A. Spanish 2001) has worked during the past two years at Troutman Sanders LLP in Atlanta, GA, and recently moved to Birmingham, AL to become the Legal Services Director at the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (HICA). At HICA, a non-profit organization, Jeremy primarily works on immigration cases but also helps victims of domestic violence. For more info on the HICA, visit

O'Brien, Erin (French, 2009) has returned from a year teaching English in Deauville, France and is currently teaching all levels of French at Rocky Mount Academy in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Schablik, Jayson ( and Whitney Bainer (both German & World Business '07) will marry in October and proposed the following uniquely generous way to recognize their time at UT and the professors who "have made a great imprint on our lives." "We are encouraging our guests to consider donating to the UTK Germanic and Slavic Languages Gift Fund"as a way to do this. Everybody in German gratefully wishes them a very happy, long and blissful marriage.

Tullock, Alex (Russian 2010) received a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship to spend the year teaching English on Russia's Kamchatka peninsula.

Tullock, Alex and Doty, Ben (Russian) both received State Department Critical Language Scholarships to advance their fluency in Russian while studying or working in that country.

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