Outstanding Students Honored

Outstanding Graduating Seniors

  • Erec Beuerlein (French)
  • James Gilman (Spanish)
  • Janet Salata (French)
  • Jennifer Clancy (Spanish)
  • Kimberly Bartholomew (French)
  • Mckenzie Cantrell (Spanish)

Recognition of Superior Excellence in the Study of Italian

  • Laura Herrera
  • Mark Chinetti

Outstanding Graduating Senior with Minor Concentration in Portuguese

  • Talon Custer (Spanish)

Gerti Wunderlich Scholarship

  • Pace Rothery

Maria Harris Scholarship

  • Ariel Brassil
    Charles Sebolt

John C. Osborne Memorial Fellowship

  • Steffanie Morrissey

John L. and Elizabeth V. Kind Scholarship

  • Alena Belfour
  • Amanda Liverseidge
  • Charli Kearns
  • Donna Hill
  • Erin Caracappa
  • Jennifer Anne Rushing
  • John Tyler Patty
  • Sarah Krock
  • Thomas Daly
  • Tim Michelhaugh
  • Timothy Wentz
  • Ulrike Sczesni

Reinhold Nordsieck Scholarship

  • Barry Hedgespeth
  • Devlyn Tedesco
  • Joanna Broda-Schunck
  • Sarah Maxwell

Excellence in Teaching in German Award

  • Roswitha Moldovi

Students Selected for German Graduate Exchange Programs in 2008-2009

  • Anja Seiler (from U of Karlsruhe)
  • Catherine Greer (at U of Stuttgart)
  • Joy Essigmann (at U of Mannheim)
  • Katharina Borgmann (from U of Mannheim)
  • Moritz Keller (from U of Tübingen)
  • Roswitha Moldovi (from U of Stuttgart)
  • Ryan Linger (at U of Tübingen)

Outstanding LWB - Graduate

  • Amanda Berry (French)

Recognition for achieving one of the highest GPA's in the College of Arts and Sciences (among Spring 2009 graduates)

  • Janet Salata (French)