Donors Acknowledgement

We gratefully acknowledge the following 2008-2009 donors:

  • Associated Italian American
  • Cherities-MI Corporation
  • Dr. Stephen Blackwell
  • Mr. Hugh B. Bright, Jr.
  • Mr. Matthew H. Ciscel
  • Mr. James E. Cox
  • Dr. Thomas & Dr. Brenda Ferrell
  • Mr. Michael R. Garaza
  • Mr. Chad Anthony Goldman
  • Dr. & Ms. Robert Gossett
  • Dr. Michael Handelsman
  • Mr. John David Holbrook
  • Dr. & Mrs. H. Clinton Hollister, Jr.
  • Mr. Dylan A. Irons
  • Mrs. Anna I. James
  • Dr. Gregory B. Kaplan
  • Dr. Erec R. Koch and Joaniko Kohchi
  • Ms. Yulia Kovatcheva
  • Mr. Benjamin F. Lee
  • Mr. Lawrence Leibowitz
  • Mr. James A. Light
  • Mr. James & Ms Jo Anne Longhill
  • Dr. Chauncey Mellor & Dr. Doris Gove
  • Mr. James J. Molchan
  • Ms. Vera Pantanizopoulos
  • Dr. Tracy Parkinson
  • Ms. Erin Read
  • Mrs. Deborah L. Rice
  • Dr. Stephen Richards
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jay H. Schablik
  • Ms. Ann Chamblis Schecter
  • Ms. Courtney Shove
  • Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sprinz
  • Dr. & Mrs. Friedemann Stallmann
  • Dr. Ute Stargardt
  • Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Stop
  • Dr. Dora D. Vargas
  • Mr. Michael & Ms. Elizabeth Wilkins
  • Mr. Jeffrey C. Wood

MFLL: Making Orange Green

In an effort to follow principles of good environmental conservation, beginning in 2010, issues of the MFLL Newsletter will not be printed and will only be available online. In order to receive an electronic copy of the newsletter, please send your request to from the e-mail address to which you would like your copy sent.

To view the 2009 Department of MFLL newsletter on-line (or to download a PDF file of the newsletter), please visit the following link: