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Advanced Degrees Conferred…
Fall 2007
  • Ph.D.
    • Cristina Campos (1st concentration-Spanish, 2nd concentration-French) Dissertation: Pasión y deseo: del amor y la sexualidad en poemas selectos de Octavio Paz y Rosario Castellanos. Director: Dr. Óscar Rivera-Rodas.
    • El-Zine, Nesrine (1st concentration-French) Dissertation: L'Enseignement de la langue française dans les universités yéménites, son passé et son avenir. Etude historique, sociale, analytique et critique. Director: Paul Barrette.
  • M.A.
    • Irina Bobrovitskaya (French)
    • Megan Gonzalez (Spanish)
Spring 2008
  • Ph.D.
    • Negrisanu, Raluca (1st concentration-German, 2nd concentration-Applied Linguistics) Dissertation: Aspects of first language attrition: A case study of German Immigrants in East Tennessee. Director: Dr. Chauncey Mellor.
    • Celaya, Lori (1st concentration-Spanish, 2nd concentration-Portuguese) Dissertation: Mexico visto desde la literature de su frontera norte: identidades propias de la transculturacion y la migracion. Director:Dr. Michael Handelsman.
  • M.A.
    • Hanson, Jessica (Spanish)
Summer 2008
  • M.A.
    • Blair, Bradley (German)
    • Holt, Belgica (Spanish)
    • Kamyshkova, Maria (French)
    • Oran, Kara (French)
    • Rouskova, Romana (German)
    • Schonagen, Mary (German)
    • Schulz, David (German)
Outstanding Students Honored, May 2008
Outstanding Graduating Seniors
  • Ryan Linger (German)
  • Claire O’Neill (French)
  • Nancy Richards (Spanish)
  • Courtney Seiler (Spanish)
  • Mona Sheth (Spanish)
Recognition of Superior Excellence in the Study of Italian
  • Krista Danko
  • Scott Kapuscinky
Recognition of Excellence in French Studies
  • Bethany Haynes (LWB)
  • Andrew Kay
  • Trent Hoy
Outstanding Undergraduate Student
  • Kim Bartholomew
Outstanding Graduating Senior with Minor Concentration in Portuguese
  • Blake Dockery (LWB)
Gerti Wunderlich Scholarship
  • Amy Hill
Maria Harris Scholarship
  • Tiffany Frensley
  • Ulrike Sczesni
John C. Osborne Memorial Fellowship
  • Catherine Greer
  • Judith Hector
John L. and Elizabeth V. Kind Scholarship
  • Alena Belfor
  • Thomas Daly
  • Barry Hedgespeth
  • William Hembree
  • Charli Kerns
  • James Mackey
  • Elizabeth Mee
  • Hosana Okamura
  • Jonathan Sparger
  • Timothy Wentz
Reinhold Nordsieck Scholarship
  • Manjit Bhatti
  • Ariel Brassil
  • Sarah Cleeton
  • Charles Cochran
  • Tammy Collins
  • Donna Hill
  • Ryan Linger
  • Stephanie Morrissey
  • Noah Soltau
  • Stephanie Paluda
  • Jennifer Pesek
  • Kathleen Schuster
  • Shea Soma
  • Zsuzsanna Zádori-Roth
Dennis Randall Shockley Memorial Scholarship
  • Lisa Hamric
Outstanding College Scholar with Major in German
  • Randall Meyer
Best Paper by Graduate Student in German
  • David Schulz
  • Zsuzsanna Zádori-Roth
Excellence in Teaching in German Award
  • Ronald Eric Johnson
  • Zsuzsanna Zádori-Roth
Students Selected for German Graduate Exchange Programs in 2007-2008
  • Manjit Bhatti (at U of Karlsruhe)
  • Tammy Collins (at U of Stuttgart)
  • Nicole Noeller (from U of Mannheim)
  • Sylvia Schubert (from U of Stuttgart)
  • David Schulz (from U of Tübingen)
  • Kathleen Schuster (at U of Mannheim)
  • Noah Soltau (at U of Tübingen)
Outstanding LWB – Graduates
  • Mollie Hyde (Chinese)
  • Candace Wade (Spanish)
  • Caitlin Oyler (French)
Recognition for achieving one of the highest GPA’s in the social sciences division of the College of Arts and Sciences (among Spring 2008 graduates)
  • Stephen Ellis (double major in Political Science and Spanish)
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